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I AM my hair…

Chrisette says in this interview what I’ve been saying ever since India Arie came out with the song, “I am not my hair”

Chrisette: “But the truth of the matter is, everyone keep saying to me “I am not my hair”. I AM my hair. Whether I wear long tresses on my head or short naps, that’s me. And when you say something crazy about it or disrespect it, you hurt my feelings. Artists like to make believe that nothing effects them and that they love haters and haters make them stronger. That’s a load of bullcrap. I think that Haters are mean and that’s all that’s to it. So…I am my hair.”



Chrisette Michelle had on my wedding dress…in BROWN, lol


I was watching “An Evening with the Stars” in honor of Patti Labelle last night – while I was…ahem *cough* “studying” for the LSAT.  On the stage – here comes Chrisette in a gown that looked VERY similar to the Maggie Sottero gown I had been oggling for the past couple of weeks.  I was excited to see it on her, because I felt as though people were wondering if I could pull it off, being that I’m plus sized.  Well, Chrisette isn’t exactly my size, but her proportions are VERY similar to mines and she looked BEAUTIFULLY elegant in the gown.  Most of her weight is in her hips, just like me and I was ecstatic at how great she looked.  Of course, I was imagining the outfit in ivory, with my hair GLAMMED up, birdcage veil (I DARE YOU TO STEAL IT!!! I have this time date and STAMPED that I said it Jan. 26, 2008, LOL), romantic flowers on the side and natural make-up.  OH I LIVE(stole that from my favorite blogger – Quincy Jones, lol)!!  Her dress wasn’t quite as fabulous, because it was in brown and it wasn’t a “wedding dress” – just a formal nice dress.  Either way, I’m pumped.  I got the visual and my three favorite dresses are VERY similar to this one and one looks EXACTLY like it.  I guess it’s onto the dress shops to get fitted in March. 

In other news, I’ve been semi mean to the wedding vendors.  My main questions are: How much do you want? When do you want it? And when is the rest of it due? If you can’t answers those – then just get outta my face…now.

I hate this stupid cake/flowers lady that keeps trying to get me to tell her my COMPLETE vision before she will even meet with me. Tell me something, silly lady, if I tell you EVERY thing that I could possibly tell you about my vision and what I want – what exactly will YOU DO?!??!! I’m done with her – she is the weakest florist/link…GOODBYE!

In other financial news (somehow this turned into a finance blog, lol), I’ve been sticking to my budget.  I’m a tad bit excited about that.  I have a lot of extra money in the account – which almost scared me for a second…I thought I hadn’t paid someone!?! That’s so sad… 

And it’s TAX SEASON!!! I can’t WAIT to take advantage of all of the WONDERFUL tax breaks I will receive from being in a home based business.  All of my business trips, plane tickets and everything in between will FINALLY pay off for me 🙂

I’m also filing my fiance’s taxes this year.  This should prove to be a lot of fun, only because he claimed like ZERO this year and has a TON of write -offs! He’s going to be RICH….which means, hopefully, I’ll get a hot date out of it 😉