Has anyone else noticed how the topics discussed in your household change once you get married? I know I’m not the only one but the other day I was talking to Terence and I was like, we talk about the lamest married topics now and we’re UBERLY passionate about them! Then we laughed out loud for like 2 minutes as I named all of the things that are important to us, that we probably could care less about when we were single.  I decided to share some of them in a lighthearted blog post 🙂

1. costco and anything costco related.  We discuss reward points, black card membership vs. white card membership, if gas counts towards our reward points, when are we going to renew the costco membership, should we stop at costco before going to the movie theatres to get the vouchers so that our tickets are cheaper, and how come our 2% rebate check was so small this year – was it really worth it to upgrade?

In fact, just last night, we hung out with another married couple and we discussed Costco at least 3 times – ceiling fans, coupons and cordless phones….all purchased at Costco.  This was a most delightful conversation, in fact, I’m looking for my Costco coupon book as SOON as I hit “publish” on this blog.  Apparently the phones we want are on sale 🙂

2.netflix. This is also a topic very near and near to our heart. Should we upgrade to the streaming option AND the dvd mail option – or should we cut one? If so, which one? What did you put in the queue? Could you please send off the last movie so I can get the newest one I added to the queue? You’re watching that show again? Why didn’t you wait for me – you know I like “Friday Night Lights” too!?

We like our netflix.

3. upgrading to hardwood floors vs. carpet. This was a major point of contention for a while – should we get hardwood through the whole 2nd floor? who keeps getting the basement carpet dirty? see this is why we should upgrade – don’t nobody got time to keep cleaning off these stairs – did you drop some bbq on the carpet? why don’t your friends take off their shoes before they come over – that’s it, we need to upgrade now.

Good news – we decided to go ahead and do a combination of both before Christmas.

4. who’s making dinner/what’s for dinner.  I probably should have put this as #1.  This conversation usually sounds like this: Me – I’m tired, I don’t wanna cook today – can we order out? Terence – babe – you never cook now that you’re back in school…I feel like a single man…lonely.  Please cook, I love when you cook.  Me – UGH fine, now you make me feel all bad, what do you want.  Terence – its cool, we can order out, I know you’re tired.  Me – Nah, then you’re gonna be sad deep down, I’ll cook. Terence – you will? YAY! I LOVE WHEN YOU COOK.  Me – I hate you.  LOL

These are by far the 4 most important topics in our household.  Things we never cared about ever EVER EVERRRR before we got married…but alas – these are now our conversations.  Can you relate? Do you have some funnies to share? 🙂