Guess what we’re attending????!!!  My sisterfriend, Dara told me about this wonderful conference.  A group of young couples in the DC area are all going together! Its with our fave, Dr. Gary Chapman (The Five Love Languages).  You’re welcome to join us!!

See you there 🙂

Event Description

Gary Chapman’s A Growing Marriage Seminar is a powerful investment in your marriage. The sessions are filled with lots of humor and practical insight on sound biblical marriage. A Growing Marriage is designed to stimulate strong, healthy marriages—the foundations of strong, growing churches, and reaching others for Christ.

Five high-energy sessions include topics such as:

· Communication 101
· Rekindling Love / The Five Love Languages
· Initiating Positive Change in a Marriage
· Making Sex a Mutual Joy
· How to Share the Things that Bug You

Engaged couples will come away with ideas and insights to prepare them for marriage and enhance other relationships. Married couples will benefit from the insights gained at the seminar that will help them minister more effectively to their mate, family, and friends.

October 8 McLean Bible Church Vienna, VA