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MarriageTruths – The EdotPizzle Relaunch

DO YOU KNOW WHAT TODAY ISSSSSSSSSSSS? It’s our ANNIVERSARY  ::singing at the top of my lungs in my best Raphael Saadiq/Tony Toni Tone voice::

In so many ways I can’t believe today is here. The number one question everyone asks me is, “Does it feel like it’s been one year already?” The answer, I’ve found, has been a combination of “No” and “Yes!”

How, you ask? Well, because there were some nights, some arguments, some disagreements, some hard times where I was like, OMG…has it ONLY been 6 months? Or 8 months?

And then there were all of the good times that far outweigh the bad ones where I feel like this year has been a cloud and floated by, almost effortlessly. So it’s been fast and its been slow…all in one.

Despite the tricky combination that I described above – we MADE it! Through what many people consider that hardest year of marriage. Or at least one of the major milestones of the marriage anniversaries…

 During this year, I feel as thought I’ve uncovered some #marriagetruths and busted some #marriagemyths and I felt the need to share how we’ve struggled, overcome and all that came in between.

So…in that vain, I’ve decided to start over…and create a marriage blog.

I created this blog because I felt that there needed to be a voice for young, black married couples. In today’s world we see so much negative emphasis on marriage, fidelity, and even attacks on the ability for black unions to form, much less stay together. I noticed, that even in my peer group, images of young black marriages were present, but we had no place to share and relate. So I figured, why not create that space?! A space where we can glean information from other like-minded couples who face the same struggles we do. I heard that the first year of marriage is one of the hardest and now that I’ve successfully completed my first year, I can give you my take on how to make it through the first year (and beyond) and what I learned along the way.

But I’d be stupid to think I have it all…so I solicited the help of several couples I’ve seen making it work in their early years of marriage. I plan on sharing resources I’ve found and highlighting couples who have made it work for a long time and couples who are just starting out, like my husband and I. I pray this will become a place of inspiration, guidance and refuge – as I HONESTLY share my journey and the journey of others with you!

For those who are new to E DOT PIZZLE:

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Erika and I’m a 27 year old married woman. I’ve been married to Terence for 1

whole spanking year.  Our anniversary is TODAY (09/26/09)!

Terence and I met in February 2008 and were introduced by mutual friends.  We dated for 6 months and Terence’s proposed on August 23, 2008 in front of all of our family and friends at his aunt’s home.

We were engaged for 13 months before getting married.  In the midst of this, we bought a home, one month before we got married.

 To say the least 2008 and 2009 were two VERY eventful years.  We accomplished so much in so little time and 2010 was honestly the first year we got to BREATH!

 Even in our “breathing,” our first year of marriage was jammed packed with vacations, family obligations, tons of activities with friends and hectic work schedules. 

I will share  some of those in this blog.  Terence will give you his perspective, from the “Man Cave” from time to time, and I will attempt to give you the good, the bad, the ugly and the AWESOME. 

Before I sign off for today, one thing I will leave you with….marriage is hard work, but it’s so so rewarding once you figure out the right rhythm and the correct principles to stand on.  The #1 #marriagetruth © that I’ve learned this year is to KEEP GOD FIRST IN YOUR MARRIAGE!

 Stay tuned…there’s so much more to come!


I’ve been quiet…

…for a couple of reasons. 

I’m brewing up something new.

Stay tuned for #marriagetruths!

Launching on my one year anniversary, Sept 26, 2010!