Sooo – I left off a WHILE ago saying we were going to decorate our great room.  Here’s a bit of a sneak peek and our progress so far!

Now…all I need is a table lamp, hopefully a ceiling fan, an open book-case, and some sort of bench or Chaise lounge to add-on the balcony side .

Here’s a couple of ideas I had in mind:

Of course the Expedit from Ikea would be in brown-black to match the rest of the room and I’m not sure if the bench is too dark or not yet…we’ll have to see.

In the words of Carrie Bradshaw, “I’m cheating on fashion with interior design/furniture”

Not that I’ve EVER been any where near Carrie Bradshaw’s level, but if you see me rocking the same ole clothes this summer that I wore in 08 and 09, LOL – it’s because I LOVE decorating my house and I would rather sacrifice there.

uh-oh…I’m turning into a grown-up!