So….I decided to take a break from the blog for a w hile. It wasn’t a deliberate decision, but I eventually realized I hadn’t written anything for a while and I thought “good, it needs a break.” 

Meanwhile,  a flurry of other things have been going on. Many of my friends are in the process of moving/buying/renting  new spaces, which is very exciting.  What’s ended up happening is that we’ve gone back and forth about backsplashes, painting wood, kitchen decor, personal style, bedding, furniture, paint, etc. and I’ve becoming INSPIRED. 

Well, I’ve always been inspired to turn our house into a home, but let’s keep it real – we’re about to come into a significant amount of money and we can actually AFFORD to make some of these changes I’ve been thinking about in the corner of my mind.

So…I have a ton of ideas and luckily I have two really close girlfriends who are in the same “space” as I am, so I just bounce idea, after idea, after idea off of them and I know they aren’t secretly wishing I would SHUT UP!

One of the biggest challenges I face is making our home reflect a style that’s not too girly or eccentric.  Our bedroom needs to be a  place where my husband can walk in and feel at home, not like the latest Barbie convention just met in our home (i.e. NO PINK) LOL. 

Facts about the bedroom – there’s NOTHING there, except a king sized bed.

We need a dresser, mirror, headboard and paint! I was thinking something inspired by these pictures:

I ran the colors by the hubby and he seemed to be in agreement – so….whew!

Another room I keep pondering over is the “great room.”  My friend Janelle helped me to decide that we didn’t want to break it into “two” – 1/2 dining room and the other 1/2 living room.  She advised me that we should decorate based on how we will primary “use” the space … so we are going to have a sitting parlor, for entertaining.  We’ve already painted it celery.  Take a look at some inspirational pieces I want to incorporate:

parlor inspiration

SHEESH – I totally suck at this polyvore thingy, LOL…and these aren’t the ‘exact’ pieces I would use, but you get the gist.  I want to find a brown or beige medium sized sofa and then 2 sets of cute accent slipper chairs (or distinctive looking chairs), then a rug of some sort to separate the two sections of the room and….maybe either some sort of table or ottomans in the middle. 

WHEW – I’m tired now….if you have any ideas, let me know! We’re starting with a blank canvas (mostly).