The quote may seem a bit random, but it inspired me to blog. And let’s face it, I haven’t written anything in almost a month, so whatever gets me writing, I’m going with it!  My sister said that to me the other day and it struck me. Mostly because I was insulted…LOL. She was commenting on some earrings I was about to wear.  Saying that “metallics” are in style and she didn’t understand why I attempted to put on wood earrings in the first place. 

First of all, I like MY wood earrings.  They are cute.  While I agree, most wood earrings should be left in 2000 (circa Jill Scott, Let’s take a Long Walk era), that doesn’t change the fact that, if I stumble upon a cute pair of wood earrings, I will still wear them.  Cute is cute, regardless of the trends. **Humph!**

But this spoke louder to other things going on in my life.  I’m trying to establish my personal style…when it comes to being married. 

Our marriage like it a blank sheet of paper…and its up to me and my husband to define its personal style.  Develop our rhythm.  Find our space. Decide what’s important to us…do we travel? Are we foodies? Are we passionate? Do we like PDAs? Are we social? Do we invite people over?  More importantly, how to we communicate? Do we make up after big arguments? How do we comfort one another? Do we address the uncomfortable topics? How do we relate when we’re stressed? How often do we kiss?

Sometime our answers aren’t going to be what’s trendy…the metallic earrings of life, (or at least in 2010). But as long as I can put on our love, look in the mirror and feel confident and pretty and pulled together, like I do in my wood earrings…I’m sure we’re making it fit, just for us 🙂