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2009 wrap up:

2009 was insane! It was truly the year of judgement and manifestation.  It was one of the biggest GROWTH year’s of my life.  I went through some of my biggest tests in 2009 and even came out with some of the biggest testimonies. 

1. I DID end up getting a house 🙂

2. I got a HUSBAND (whoo hoo!!)

3. I did NOT get married for under $30,000 😦 #fail

4. I learned a LOT about myself and others

5. I witnessed a lot of financial MIRACLES

6. We lost a LOT of people

7. I grew so much spiritually

8. I faced a lot of obstacles


#in 2010 here are a list of resolutions.  We all make them, but I plan to stick to most of them. I found by writing things out, I end up holding myself accountable.  Hey….it worked (mostly) in 2009!

1. start beginning to fulfill my purpose(s) – business, books and ministry

2. furnish my home

3. find additional streams of income

4. increase my faith

5. become a better wife

6. run a 5k completely without stopping AGAIN (i did it before, I can do it again, whoo hoo!!)

7. exercise at least 3-4 days a week.

8. exhibit a more healthy lifestyle.

9. finish my 2010 vision board

10. exhibit more mercy and grace towards others

11. live in the year of the TESTIMONY

12. walk in favor 🙂

13. furnish our home completely

14. Pay off my car early

15. Save money

16. invest more

17. exhibit excellence at work

I think that’s all for now folks!

Happy New Year!