Life update 🙂 One of the main things I’m learning about being married is that merging two lives together is MAJOR.  Coordinating the plans, efforts and lifestyles of two insanely involved people can be overload! Our weekends have been booked for almost a month in advance! Recently we haven’t been able to be at the same events because we’re simply doublebooked.  We’ve also both decided there are some volunteer and church related activities we would “like” to take on.  T wants to get involved with boy scouts, since he went all the way through to Eagle Scout.  I want to go back to school and also volunteer. 

I can only imagine when the kids come what our lives will look like. EEEEEEK!

How are we managing?

Well, first things first, we’ve had to compromise on what activities will get done and who’s activities take priority.  This isn’t as easy as it sounds. For example, this weekend I had an activity planned with the girls and T wanted to go to his hometown and support a friend.  I thought this was one of those things we’re we could both do our own thing.  Not so! It was really important to my husband that I accompany him to his hometown.  I juggled the starting time of the girls activity so that I could do both.  This was a two part solution because I had to listen to T to figure out that he really wanted me to come and was upset that I wasn’t joining him.  Then I had to compromise and figure out that me starting the activity later would please my husband AND I would still get to do what I committed to do.

This avoided…or rather “ended” an argument and alls well in our household.

We also modified our schedule to have “us” time.  I try to cook during the weekends and T helps me out during the week.  He cleans more and we set up a schedule when we will both clean, so our house doesn’t look like a hurricane ran through it.

I changed my work schedule so that we have an extra hour together.  We also leave for work now at the same time, so we get to chitchat about the day in the morning, instead of me hitting snooze and shushing him when he tries to talk to me 🙂

We set up “dates” with our friends, we try to include each other and we notify each other well in advance (at least we try to) when there may be a conflict.

And we’re listening to each other’s needs b/c we’re learning that as much as we’re alike….we’re really different in a lot of ways.

Lastly (but really No.1 on this list) we keep God in the center of it all! Church, the teachings, and our relationship with God has been SOOO influential in our lives! We’ve both decided to join the church we attended during our 13 month engagement and 6 month courtship and I cannot be happier!

P.S. Did I mention the passion part?! Oh yeah…there’s a lot of that too! Keeping the spice has been key in keeping us both smiiiiiiiiiiiiling!