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Boys’ night, yes…boys’ weekend?!? errr?

Okay, so I’m a bit bummed out that my husband has ALREADY planned a boy’s weekend in April 2010.  That’s right, you heard me a loooooong weekend! 

Now, I know I’m new to this marriage thing, but I consider myself to be a pretty cool wife.  I don’t mind if he hangs out with the boys.  I let him to get the NFL network, play Fantasy Football, play survival football, miss church to play flag football (we started going to Bible Study on Wednesdays, if he ended up missing sunday service for the season)…I make wings for his guys friends and guy family members when they came over, shoot, I even let him call the basement the “man cave” ….sometimes.


But a boy’s weekend? A long weekend? We won’t even be married for a year before this boy’s weekend occurs! They’re talking about going on a cruise! I feel some type of way about it all!

Granted the guys he is going with are good guys.  They’re all in committed relationships, engaged or happily married. So, its not like he’s going on this trip with a bunch of guys I disapprove of.

I guess…dare I say it, my feelings are hurt 😦 I didn’t think we were at the point where a “man trip” was needed – we’re newlyweds, for crying out loud! I guess, since I had no urgent desire for a girls trip (maybe after we’ve been married for a year or so), I can’t see the need for a man trip, especially planned so fast.

Perhaps I should pick up my bruised new wife ego and get over it. 

But I am curious – would anyone else’s feelings be slightly hurt? Or am I being overly sensitive?

Oh gosh…I hope I’m not pregnant!



Back to Normal!! :)

Wait…what exactly is normal??

I’m so excited to define normalcy for me and my (wait for it…….) HUSBAND!  🙂 The past 13 months of my life have been filled with wedding planning, moving, buying a home, etc. and the last month of my live was filled with….honeymoonin’ (he he he). 

Welp, not that the honeymoon is EVER over, but now that things are settling back in (T STILL doesn’t return to work until NEXT WEEK, but that’s a WHOLE nother gripe I have – OH to be a systems analyst who gets paid to sit on the bench untiil your new project starts…grrrrr!), I’m ready to get my everyday living thing on. 

One thing to keep in mind, T and I only dated 6 months before we were engaged, so we didn’t have much time to enjoy being normal.  Most of our relationship has been HECTIC! And while most people will day this is dangerous (it is, trust me), I’m glad to say we SURVIVED it and we love each other more than we did during the first 6 months of falling in love! So we’re built to last folks – 13 months of crazy and everything’s still in ONE piece.

So  – what am I planning on, since I’m regular again? Well..I just chopped off all of my hair.  I feel right into the PWC (I was plotting on this since I got engaged) syndrome and chopped off all of that blasted hair I was growing out (and weaving into) my scalp.  I feel sassier, lol.  Now I need to get some new clothes. 

I’m also MOST excited for our first Christmas together.  I need to start looking for my first Christmas tree (I never had one when I lived in the apartment – so my only “trees” have been my parents) and figuring out how I’m going to decorate the house!   My 27th birthday is coming up soon – I’m ready to celebrate intimately, since I just celebrated so publicly 😉 And I’m planning our house warming…so things are on the up and up!

It’s time to get our benefits straight too – so many “life” things to think about.  We also are looking into insurance policies and stuff to – just trying to get it all in order.  I know this sounds semi boring…but it’s exciting to me.  The humdrum – the regularness…I just cannot WAIT!

That’s all this time 🙂

I’m Married!!!!

What can I say….we did it!!!


It was beautiful. 

Behind the scenes was stressful.  

It was one of the hardest things I ever did.

and one of the most rewarding, awesome, completely breathtaking moments ever.

Our friends were amazing. 

Our families were phenomenal.

People prayed for us and God smiled on our day.

Here’s a couple of pictures:



girls 3boys

groupformal girls

boys 2everyone

Professional Photos 2-7 by ErinMarie Photography (Pictures 1 and 8 done by family friend)

More to come from marriage world as I continue life’s journey as a Mrs.  😉