bridezilla2okay, even I’m tired of talking about this wedding.  Honestly I’m just ready to live my life, with my husband. I wanna buy furniture and paint and live and be an adult.

We have less than 26 days days until the big day…its coming, it’s inevitable, so I guess…I could write about it. 

Today was sorta frustrating.  I’ve learned that people find it impossible to merely follow directions.  I think my “ZillaTude” came when I checked the mail and I had a mailed RSVP in it.  SERIOUSLY?!?  No. 1, we explicitly wrote on our website, our RSVP cards and in an insert that you had to call in your RSVP…did you REALLY mail that joker in?! We didn’t even include envelopes or stamps so people would get the hint and see it wasn’t your average RSVP process.

We’re having a brunch reception immediately following and then an after party/post wedding celebration later on that night.  People are repeatedly asking us if we’re having our wedding at 11am and then our reception at 8pm  – when the invite CLEARLY states there is a reception IMMEDIATELY following the wedding! Reading is FUNDAMENTAL!

Normally, these types of things wouldn’t bother me in regular life…but when you have 300 plus grown adults asking you these questions – around question 250 – you start to pull your hair out and go into CHOKESLAM MODE!!!

Another random rant – I’m not sure if people have any idea how much a wedding costs and your RSVP is CONTINGENT on the costs…meaning you have to tell me if you’re coming, so that I can properly assess your cost.   I mean, when you invite folks, you are spending a GRIP to have them be a part of your special day…rehearsal dinner, regular dinner, after party food, cake, favors, gifts – we’re spending a TON of money on folks.

SO…the ZILLA moments are on the increase. 

Part of me cannot WAIT until this whole thing is over…when I can go back to just being Erika and Terence 🙂 When we can start building our lives together…when people don’t come up to us and say, “yall are coming into the home stretch huh? Just _____ days left! how are you feeling!?!?”

the answer…CRAZY! lol

If you’re reading this and you haven’t gotten married yet, LISTEN to my words – ELOPE!!! or have a Destination wedding!!!

If I had it to do all over again…I would do it.

One thought that gives my comfort – one day…it will be yoooooooooooooooooou 🙂 LOL

I bid thee farewell….Hopefully I’ll return less Zilla-ish and more Zen-like 😉