brideonlooI keep having these reoccurring dreams…over and over.  Each time the theme is similar but the subject matter will change slightly, depending on the night.

I wouldn’t even call them dreams – they’re more like NIGHTMARES!

I have them about once a week.

And they’re all about this BLASTED WEDDING!

The latest one I had, I didn’t order my wedding dress accessories and I didn’t get a chance to get my dress fitted.  Only later, in the dream, I realized that I hadn’t even RECEIVED my dress.  Somehow I woke up the morning of my wedding I was like, “Darn, my bridal boutique didn’t call me!” AND THE WEDDINGS IN LESS THAN TWO HOURS! In fact, my dress has never been tailored?!?! Oh darn, now I have to wear my reception dress the whole day..but wait – I didn’t get that cleaned…so its going to have this faint red pin mark (which of course in my dream is about the size of a 3 inch red lipstick mark)!

and OH YEAH, I don’t have time to get my hair done, so I will have to do it myself!


the sad part is, every morning I wake up on the verge of tears….panicked and feeling as though I need to get up and RUN and do something….

then about 5 seconds later, I realize it’s a dream and I laugh an uncertain, am I sure this was a dream? wait a minute, it’s gotta be a dream, it’s only July, my wedding is approx 3 months away, calm down girl – sorta laugh…