Words cannot express what you’ve meant to me over the years.  I’ve had some of my FONDEST childhood memories because of you, your family, your legacy and most of all, you’re music.

Gosh…the MUSIC. 

the music!

the music that I had choreographed  a routine to at 3 years old.  I would jam to your music, climb up on the couch arm and JUMP down (the jump was the climax)! And I would do it over and over and over again…

the music…

I wanted to see Thriller so bad, that even when my parents forbid me of seeing it (they said it was soo scary) I snuck over my friends house and watched the whole thing. AND I WAS SO SCARED! I had so many nightmares that Michael was going to come down the attic stairs and “get me” – but I never stopped listening and watching!

the music – do you remember?? when we fell in love? I was young and innocent then…

I remixed songs with my friends – we turned riding into the non-air conditioned church van into a “Rock with you” mix!

“feel that heat…cuz we’re ridin’ in the CHURCH van!”

I remember learning harmonies, to You are not aloooooone…last night it came on the radio while I was driving and I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing.

I became obsessed….in 1992 when the “Jackson 5: the American Dream” came out, I was hooked! I watched it over and over again.  Every time it was aired…

so much so that I found an old VH-S and I recorded it.  This morning…I knew the first thing I had to do was buy that movie – DVD of course 🙂 it is 2009.

Mike, I almost forgot, how we stayed up to watch the premiere of all of your videos – remember Scream was the Most Expensive video to date? I remember wanted to get my hair braided like the girls from Remember the Tme…

I grew up with your music and I feel as though I’ve lost part of the soundtrack of my life.

Thank you for the memories and I don’t know if we could ever thank you enough for you sacrificing your childhood, so that we could be entertained…

I love you Michael and I will NEVER forget you


the MUSIC!