familiesI’ve been having conversations with myself (scary, huh?), friends, my significant other and co-workers…and I wonder, should aging bring about a change in your behavior?

Are there some things that were acceptable, maybe even one short year ago, that isn’t acceptable today?

Or what about a change in status?

I guess what I mean is  – is it okay to do somethings after age…say, 25? Or regardless of age, should things change after you get married? Have children?

My fiance and his buddy were having a discussion about building a bar in the basement of our first home and my first thought was UGH – boys drinking in my house??! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECK NO!  Didn’t we grow outta that? We are NOT on the football team, in the middle of campus, drinking Boone’s Farm or a 40! We’re about to be ADULTS, MARRIED, in our HOME where we will raise kids one day! There will be NO BAR, or MINI FRIDGE to keep the bruski’s cold!

Later, they semi convinced me that that bar would be classy and include a wine rack/chiller.  Suddenly, it didn’t sound so crude.  It was acceptable to have a wine cellar in our home…but not a disgusting bar, filled with BEER.

But my reaction made me think about other things – like is it okay to go to the club, after a certain age? When you’re married? Or shouldn’t you be OVER that stuff @ some point? I mean REALLY – should you desire to go to those places?

Don’t get me wrong, growing up doesn’t mean you don’t have fun anymore…but your fun matures. You go to good concerts, great restaurants, wine festivals, lounges that play awesome jazz, spoken word forums, and amusement parks when the kiddies come (or maybe even before they come, like I do, lol). 

I don’t know…I’m at a loss.  I don’t wanna become some old foogie, who has lost all sense of adventure, fun and youth – but part of me, SERIOUSLY believes, some things should be left in the past!

Am I alone?