shutupSorry guys – but I gotta go on a little rant. 

I’m a respectful person…I feel as though, while you may do something that I don’t necessarily agree with in life – we’re all coming from different places and I respect your right to do something the way you choose to do it.  PARTICULARLY with weddings….

Everyone is coming from various financial places and will tie the knot the way they deem best for their respective situations. 

So…with that being said – I’m OVER people giving their opinions about my wedding.  My fiance and I know how much $$ we make.  We are very aware of our budgets.  We know how much our parents are contributing and while they are giving us a lot of money, their contributions will only amount to approximately 1/4th of our total wedding costs. 

That means we are taking on 3/4ths of the costs.  We are responsible adults.  There are some things that are important to us, like letting our friends and family have a great time.  Its not our fault that we have over 400 close family and friends….just b/c you have less, doesn’t make you better or “wiser” than we are.  Its just the way things are.

Please stop telling us not to do it too “big” – we are big people!!!  We like to laugh, eat and be merry!!! 

 And we like to do it with everyone we love.

You gotta a problem wit that?!?

Yeah…that’s what I THOUGHT!  **bucks at the big mouth losers and walks away with the swole shoulder action**