to be a better person.

I’m striving so much for “next level”-ism, that it’s becoming sorta hard to be in the space I’m in.

Maybe it’s a part of growing up? Or a byproduct of being tired of the same ole, same ole…

I’m not too sure. 

What I don’t want to become is something that I detest – an “evolved” former version of my self that’s so “lofty” aka Heavenly minded – that I’m of no earthly good (You know the scripture).  You know the folks…super Christians!! To the rescue!!!

I never want to become so lost in my quest of bettering myself that no one can relate to me…

At the same token, I feel compelled to get outta this same ole, same ole….

So, where’s the middle ground??

I was talking to my supervisor about my purpose and how it sometimes seems so overwhelming. Then she said the most PROFOUND thing I think anyone has ever said to me.  She told me my purpose is to be used by God and allow him to direct my life.

She said to simply say each morning, Good morning Lord – have it so that I be used by you today, have your way in my lift.  Let everything I do today give you the glory…



that’s ALL I have to say!?!

I was amazed! Shoot, I think I’m still in shock!

So, I’m going to stop overanalyzing this thing and just LIVE.  Say my wonderful refrain each morning and start my day 🙂

So today – I made a ton of people laugh at work and that felt good 😉