(THIS IS NOT MY DRESS – NO ONE WILL SEE HER UNTIL 09/26/09) LOLIMG_0493SO I can FINALLY check one MAJOR check of the checklist!! I ordered my wedding dress!!!

It’s beautiful, romantic and exactly what I wanted…the material was so RICH and gorgeous in person..and I’m glad I followed the attorneys advice in my job to go a full service bridal boutique to order my dress instead of David’s Bridal.  NO OFFENSE against David’s – I actually went there this morning and had the BEST time. They had SUCH a wonderful selection, especially for plus sized women 🙂 And…I’m pretty sure I will buy my reception dress from there (tomorrow, since the sale ends Monday).  But if you have really particular needs and sort of random concerns that aren’t run of the mill, like I do, then a full service salon will really do the trick as far as addressing your needs.

So….now for the dresses that didn’t make the final cut.  Da da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaa – here are the pics of the dresses that aren’t so lucky.  Many were beautiful.  Some were okay.  Others were ugly…LOL

First my mom’s favorite.  She was very traditional, but I wasn’t prepared to actually sorta like it!


But it wasn’t exactly what I was going for….so we searched on.  This was one of my favorites – but she STILL didn’t give me chills:


Then I tried on a dress that I saw the wedding I just went to in Jamaica! I like her in person, of course in the right size…but I could NEVER wear someone else dress:


This was the first dress she gave me to try on – I felt like “meh” in it:


Despite the hands on the hips, LOL…

And here is one more: (haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaated it)



They even put a veil on my head – lemme just say….that felt WEIRD!!!


I tried on a SLEW of other dresses, but I won’t post a couple b/c they’re too similar to the one I actually ended up buying at Columbia Bridal Boutique 🙂 and the last one, I’m already going to wear for our 2nd reception..so they’ll be SURPRISES!!!!

I’m so excited and I’m finally ready to be a bride!

Now for the RIGHT veil 🙂