I’m sort of amazed at all of the things that God knows. 

We say it all of the time, that God knows what’s best for you and allow him to have his way…but I think that I felt like that was all just “church talk.”

I guess that’s the difference from putting God at bay and knowing him distantly vs. knowing him for yourself.  In a more personal, up-close fashion.

It hasn’t been until I had to trust in God in my adult life that I realized how much God knows.  How he already knows what’s best for me, even when I think I know all of the right things to go…the right places to go.

I think of all of the misguided prayers I prayed – when I said, God, please give this to me….and how he did what was best for me.

Sometimes I put SO many limits on how God can move…how awesome he can be.

And for that I say – shame on me…if God can create the majestic mountains, the beautiful crystal clear oceans, large bodies of land and the seven wonders of the world – SURELY, he can find me the man of my dreams.  SURELY, he can show me which direction to move in my life.  SURELY he can guide me in my finances.  SURELY he can tell me when to quit a job and which new jobs to apply for.  SURELY he can help me to be a better friend, sister and person.  SURELY he can give me a new house.  SURELY he can do all of that AND MORE!!!!

We limit how much God can move in our life…but he knows all – so let’s take the limits off of God – believe him to do the impossible in our lives.

If we just have faith the size of a mustard seed SURELY we can move mountains 🙂