its coming….in 4 short days, it will officially be 5 years since I graduated college. 

the question is, am I where I want to be? am I where I dreamed I would be? Or am I just…chillin’? LOL

Well, let’s start with the failures (LMBO).  Apparently, I was SUPPOSED to have been graduated from law school and in my second year of practicing law! Instead, I haven’t even taken the LSAT (okay, cut me some slack, I’m taking it June 8th)!

I was supposed to be rich and basically have paid off my college debt.  Hmmm – let’s just go ahead and say I’ve paid off about $500 (and some interest, lol) of my $16,000 debt.

I also said I would be a home owner by this time…ha ha ha ha.  Sorry, that’s just laughable to me, probably considering that I live in the DC Metropolitan Area and I share an apartment with my sister and friend from college!

And what would my love life look like? My senior year in college I was freshly single (yess ex boyfriend cheated on me and I was living the single life, LOL) so I would say love was the furthest thing from my mind.

So – 5 years later…I will say, I’ve had some successes, but NEVER how I dreamed they would be. 

I am working in the legal field.  I have 5 years of litigation experience that ranges from the technical side to the analytical side.  I’m a key person in one of the most “interestingly troubled” corporation in America (no need for names, lol).  My experience has prepared me for practicing law waaaaay more than law school could ever have.  So – I guess my steps have been ordered, just not in the direction I would have taken at 21 years old.

I’m not rich, but I do make more money than my father and my mother…that’s sorta cool.  I never thought I’d pass them in the income bracket WITHOUT going to grad school. Of course, they live a much fuller life than me b/c their cost of living is much lower, my mom has a hefty housing allowance from the government and they supplement their income with a SERIOUS side hustle that pays out annually more than my first job’s salary…but you get my point.  The fact that my base salary is remotely close to them makes me feel like I’ve made some good career choices.

And you all know how the love life is going – major success! Again, I can only credit that to God seeing fit to put someone amazing in my life, at a time when I was NOT looking for him…so I guess I can’t take credit for that “success.”  Thanks God 😉 LOL.

I already told you I was renting and still sorta living like a college student, with my IKEA furniture, LOL.  But before the wedding stuff…I was completely debt free (besides student loans) and had paid off unneccessary CC debt.

So…do I feel like I’m where I wanted to be? No.  I have a while to go…but I’m going.

Its amazing how time flies and how life can quickly pass you by.  All of your dreams and aspirations can stay in your mind, unless you take action to get them accomplished.

Do I have a law degree now? No I don’t…

but I will…one step @ a time.

Be inspired, be motivated! Make your dream deferred become a reality!

Even if you could have already went to college twice (and taken two extra semesters) with the amount of time you wasted, LOL!


he he