beautyandbeastI’m back – rah rah sis boom bah and all of that jazz…

anywho, off to the topic at hand. I subscribe to a number of blogs and one in particular, I’ve been following because this Southern princess was getting married.  She’s actually really really pretty  (she posted a couple of pics), some would say gorgeous, in fact.  She was exotic looking, mixed I think – White father and a Black mom.  And all of her wedding ideas are elegant, classy and opulent.  I admire the way she planned and handled every detail of her wedding and felt as though I got to “know her” through her blog.  She was this humble, sweet spirited girl, who had strong faith and you couldn’t help but to “root for her.”

So recently, she got married and went off to her honeymoon and I anxiously awaited her uploading of each and every detail she finally decided to go with, plus accompanying pictures of her and her big day.  Most importantly, where is this great man of hers! Surely he was this handsome stud!

Well, I waited and alas, the pictures were posted! And I was shocked.  Her groom was less than attractive.  I mean, I was utterly shocked.  I guess I had “pictured” that this wonderful man was going to look like everything she described.  She said he was wonderful, handsome, sweet, a perfect gentlemen.  But to me – he didn’t seem like he belonged with her.

Call me shallow, but have you ever done that before? Just felt like two people didn’t go together?  I mean, if everything she described was true, should it matter what he looked like to me? Why did I have this level of expectation for the man of her dreams? Just because she was gorgeous?

I felt ashamed of myself and thought, in this day in time, if a man treats you like gold, is a great God-fearing man, then looks should not matter….Right?

I want to believe this…

I truly do.

But somewhere deep down inside, I don’t think I fully believe it. 

I’m torn somewhere between balancing the “greatness” of the guy (how good he is to you, how he treats you, how much he loves you, etc.) and his looks.  Sure, I can overlook a that your tooth may be a little crooked, or you’re trying to lose a little weight, but to be downright – NOT attractive??!!

I’m not sure? Your thoughts?