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Wedding Dress FINALLY purchased!!


(THIS IS NOT MY DRESS – NO ONE WILL SEE HER UNTIL 09/26/09) LOLIMG_0493SO I can FINALLY check one MAJOR check of the checklist!! I ordered my wedding dress!!!

It’s beautiful, romantic and exactly what I wanted…the material was so RICH and gorgeous in person..and I’m glad I followed the attorneys advice in my job to go a full service bridal boutique to order my dress instead of David’s Bridal.  NO OFFENSE against David’s – I actually went there this morning and had the BEST time. They had SUCH a wonderful selection, especially for plus sized women 🙂 And…I’m pretty sure I will buy my reception dress from there (tomorrow, since the sale ends Monday).  But if you have really particular needs and sort of random concerns that aren’t run of the mill, like I do, then a full service salon will really do the trick as far as addressing your needs.

So….now for the dresses that didn’t make the final cut.  Da da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaa – here are the pics of the dresses that aren’t so lucky.  Many were beautiful.  Some were okay.  Others were ugly…LOL

First my mom’s favorite.  She was very traditional, but I wasn’t prepared to actually sorta like it!


But it wasn’t exactly what I was going for….so we searched on.  This was one of my favorites – but she STILL didn’t give me chills:


Then I tried on a dress that I saw the wedding I just went to in Jamaica! I like her in person, of course in the right size…but I could NEVER wear someone else dress:


This was the first dress she gave me to try on – I felt like “meh” in it:


Despite the hands on the hips, LOL…

And here is one more: (haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaated it)



They even put a veil on my head – lemme just say….that felt WEIRD!!!


I tried on a SLEW of other dresses, but I won’t post a couple b/c they’re too similar to the one I actually ended up buying at Columbia Bridal Boutique 🙂 and the last one, I’m already going to wear for our 2nd they’ll be SURPRISES!!!!

I’m so excited and I’m finally ready to be a bride!

Now for the RIGHT veil 🙂


Gratitude Blogging :)

My friend, Halle,  inspired me to reflect on things I was thankful for…so for my weekly gratitude entry – I’m going to post something here!


Today, I’m grateful for health 🙂

What an awesome feeling to wake up and everything is working as it should be.


God knows…

I’m sort of amazed at all of the things that God knows. 

We say it all of the time, that God knows what’s best for you and allow him to have his way…but I think that I felt like that was all just “church talk.”

I guess that’s the difference from putting God at bay and knowing him distantly vs. knowing him for yourself.  In a more personal, up-close fashion.

It hasn’t been until I had to trust in God in my adult life that I realized how much God knows.  How he already knows what’s best for me, even when I think I know all of the right things to go…the right places to go.

I think of all of the misguided prayers I prayed – when I said, God, please give this to me….and how he did what was best for me.

Sometimes I put SO many limits on how God can move…how awesome he can be.

And for that I say – shame on me…if God can create the majestic mountains, the beautiful crystal clear oceans, large bodies of land and the seven wonders of the world – SURELY, he can find me the man of my dreams.  SURELY, he can show me which direction to move in my life.  SURELY he can guide me in my finances.  SURELY he can tell me when to quit a job and which new jobs to apply for.  SURELY he can help me to be a better friend, sister and person.  SURELY he can give me a new house.  SURELY he can do all of that AND MORE!!!!

We limit how much God can move in our life…but he knows all – so let’s take the limits off of God – believe him to do the impossible in our lives.

If we just have faith the size of a mustard seed SURELY we can move mountains 🙂

Last Year – June :)

savethedates1This morning, I received an e-mail from my sweetheart.  He showed me words, I’d written him, around this time last year, after we had a fight.  Funny how Time FLIES!

T:  Do you remember writing this last year to me? Check it out.


Sent: Friday, June 06, 2008 11:52 AM


To: T

Subject: TGIF!!!!!

I just wanted to shoot you a quick note to say HEY and let you know that I love you…

I know we’ve had a whirlwind relationship and sometimes when I think about it, I can’t believe that’s it real and that it’s happening to me 🙂

You are truly a gift from God.

You are a challenging, gifted, compassionate, wonderful person.

I know that I have my share of shortcomings and you have your share of issues, but I believe, together…there is nothing we can’t do, with Christ as our head.

My heart is troubled sometimes that we don’t agree on everything…but like I said this morning..there’s is NO ONE ELSE that I would rather compromise, grow, learn, teach, mentor, study, guide, follow, love, fight, hug, make-up, struggle, overcome, smile, laugh, cry with than YOU – T.

I hope you feel the same way and I just want you to know that I’m willing to fight the good fight of LOVE with you. and i hope you aren’t discouraged or doubt that I’m the one….

I remember you told me at the beginning, it’s not always going to be like this and you were right 😉 But even in the midst of frustration – there’s this overwhelming LOVE that I have for you that makes everything else seem small.

I hope you remember that there’s nothing we can’t cure with our LOVE…nothings too big or too grandiose that we cannot conquer or that’s larger than our LOVE.

You make me so happy and I can’t remember the days before you came into my life.

You taught me what true happiness is and I’m forever grateful to you for loving me, just as I am.

I guess that’s all for now…

Thank you for being the love of my life 🙂


5 college graduation year anniversary

its coming….in 4 short days, it will officially be 5 years since I graduated college. 

the question is, am I where I want to be? am I where I dreamed I would be? Or am I just…chillin’? LOL

Well, let’s start with the failures (LMBO).  Apparently, I was SUPPOSED to have been graduated from law school and in my second year of practicing law! Instead, I haven’t even taken the LSAT (okay, cut me some slack, I’m taking it June 8th)!

I was supposed to be rich and basically have paid off my college debt.  Hmmm – let’s just go ahead and say I’ve paid off about $500 (and some interest, lol) of my $16,000 debt.

I also said I would be a home owner by this time…ha ha ha ha.  Sorry, that’s just laughable to me, probably considering that I live in the DC Metropolitan Area and I share an apartment with my sister and friend from college!

And what would my love life look like? My senior year in college I was freshly single (yess ex boyfriend cheated on me and I was living the single life, LOL) so I would say love was the furthest thing from my mind.

So – 5 years later…I will say, I’ve had some successes, but NEVER how I dreamed they would be. 

I am working in the legal field.  I have 5 years of litigation experience that ranges from the technical side to the analytical side.  I’m a key person in one of the most “interestingly troubled” corporation in America (no need for names, lol).  My experience has prepared me for practicing law waaaaay more than law school could ever have.  So – I guess my steps have been ordered, just not in the direction I would have taken at 21 years old.

I’m not rich, but I do make more money than my father and my mother…that’s sorta cool.  I never thought I’d pass them in the income bracket WITHOUT going to grad school. Of course, they live a much fuller life than me b/c their cost of living is much lower, my mom has a hefty housing allowance from the government and they supplement their income with a SERIOUS side hustle that pays out annually more than my first job’s salary…but you get my point.  The fact that my base salary is remotely close to them makes me feel like I’ve made some good career choices.

And you all know how the love life is going – major success! Again, I can only credit that to God seeing fit to put someone amazing in my life, at a time when I was NOT looking for him…so I guess I can’t take credit for that “success.”  Thanks God 😉 LOL.

I already told you I was renting and still sorta living like a college student, with my IKEA furniture, LOL.  But before the wedding stuff…I was completely debt free (besides student loans) and had paid off unneccessary CC debt.

So…do I feel like I’m where I wanted to be? No.  I have a while to go…but I’m going.

Its amazing how time flies and how life can quickly pass you by.  All of your dreams and aspirations can stay in your mind, unless you take action to get them accomplished.

Do I have a law degree now? No I don’t…

but I will…one step @ a time.

Be inspired, be motivated! Make your dream deferred become a reality!

Even if you could have already went to college twice (and taken two extra semesters) with the amount of time you wasted, LOL!


he he


imagesWe all have them.  Sometimes they make a big splash in your new relationship, other times, it’s not such a big deal. 

What i have noticed is the WAY in which men and women deal with exes.  I know for me, I don’t mind talking about my ex.  To me, it’s a sure sign that I’m OVER them, b/c I don’t mind being completely open and just sorta letting it all hang out.

For my boo, however it’s another story.  He feels like by talking about them, they’re still a relevant part of your thoughts, actions, mindset, etc.  I beg to differ, but whatever, tomato, to-mah-to. 

I guess he tried giving me a dose of my own medicine this weekend b/c he told me that the girl he ‘messed with’ before me hit him up on facebook.  She asked him how he was doing and basically said, it’s been a long time…a year, in fact.  He then responded with, I’m engaged. 

Ouch…instantly my heart felt heavy for the girl (strange right?).  But the woman in me couldn’t honestly understand the feeling of someone telling me that, not only had they dumped me a year ago, but they’ve met someone within that year that they wanted to MARRY! I mean, what would that have done to my self-esteem (even if only momentarily) to hear my ex say that to me.  Or even someone that I was REALLY feeling….

I sorta started thinking about the people that I’ve been involved with, particularly the ones that don’t know I’m engaged right now. Me and fiance literally talked about how it sucks that true love doesn’t care about other people’s feelings.  All we knew was that we loved each other.  We tried to end past relationships cleanly and quickly, as soon as we found each other.  But amidst our honesty and best intentions, some people got hurt along the way.

They say All’s Fair in Love and War – but sometimes that “fairness” can cause a bit of pain.

I acknowledge it, I own it and I’m sorry for anyone I may have hurt…

Do looks really matter?

beautyandbeastI’m back – rah rah sis boom bah and all of that jazz…

anywho, off to the topic at hand. I subscribe to a number of blogs and one in particular, I’ve been following because this Southern princess was getting married.  She’s actually really really pretty  (she posted a couple of pics), some would say gorgeous, in fact.  She was exotic looking, mixed I think – White father and a Black mom.  And all of her wedding ideas are elegant, classy and opulent.  I admire the way she planned and handled every detail of her wedding and felt as though I got to “know her” through her blog.  She was this humble, sweet spirited girl, who had strong faith and you couldn’t help but to “root for her.”

So recently, she got married and went off to her honeymoon and I anxiously awaited her uploading of each and every detail she finally decided to go with, plus accompanying pictures of her and her big day.  Most importantly, where is this great man of hers! Surely he was this handsome stud!

Well, I waited and alas, the pictures were posted! And I was shocked.  Her groom was less than attractive.  I mean, I was utterly shocked.  I guess I had “pictured” that this wonderful man was going to look like everything she described.  She said he was wonderful, handsome, sweet, a perfect gentlemen.  But to me – he didn’t seem like he belonged with her.

Call me shallow, but have you ever done that before? Just felt like two people didn’t go together?  I mean, if everything she described was true, should it matter what he looked like to me? Why did I have this level of expectation for the man of her dreams? Just because she was gorgeous?

I felt ashamed of myself and thought, in this day in time, if a man treats you like gold, is a great God-fearing man, then looks should not matter….Right?

I want to believe this…

I truly do.

But somewhere deep down inside, I don’t think I fully believe it. 

I’m torn somewhere between balancing the “greatness” of the guy (how good he is to you, how he treats you, how much he loves you, etc.) and his looks.  Sure, I can overlook a that your tooth may be a little crooked, or you’re trying to lose a little weight, but to be downright – NOT attractive??!!

I’m not sure? Your thoughts?