What a week! Let me just tell you, work is crazy…I’ve recently taken on some new responsibilities that fall outside of my “frame of reference” and I never knew there could be so much DRAMA to projects. UGH.

I’m not the dramatic type, so this is a bit BEYOND me, lol…

In other news, I’ve gotten used to my regiment- which is exciting. I’m seeing such a change in my body and it feels WONDERFUL to see the results. I’ll be ready for my dress in no time, lol….oh yeah, did I mention, I did make an appointment? I think I did in my last post, so alls well!

Or something like that.

My sweetie sprained his ankle yesterday and was limping around like a big baby. He looked so cute though, in this sweatsuit, fake pimp walking around my apartment. So I was nice to him and cooked him some BBQ pork chops for dinner. Love that guy.

In other new, I have another jammed packed weekend – but what else is new? I’m going to my first wedding since I’ve been engaged, so that should be a ton of fun. I just want to see someone else’s vision come to life and maybe even get a few ideas. Its two people I went to high school with, so it should be a preview to my 10 year anniversary – which is NEXT YEAR..OMG.

I’m old.

I guess that’s all for now…