0404_js_breadHow I’ve missed you!  I didn’t realize you were in so many of the things that I consume each day.  The first three days without you in my life, I felt sleepy, light-headed and irritated.  My friends, family and fiance missed us together.

I have such a love/hate relationship with you.  You taste so delicious and make every meal come alive, with your breads, pastas and side dishes.  Then, after I’ve appreciated you so much, added you into my life, and my daily regimen – you do MEAN things to me, like show up on my hips and my butt.  You make me gain weight and you even slow my weightloss progress down!

So, I have to say adieu for a while. Since you’ve been gone, everything has turned out right.  I’ve lost SO much weight, I have a ton of energy and my jeans look fly on me again.

Don’t worry – we’ll be reunited soon enough, but in limited quantiity.  Oh and tell your cousin, Refined White Carbs…it’s OVER!

(Signed) Your former Love,