neglectIf my blog was a child and I was it’s parent, I would be locked up and my blog would be in protective custody! I’ve been a baaaaaaad parent.

Forgive me???

Anywho – life has been plain ole CRAZY for the past….shoooooot, I don’t even REMEMBER the last time I posted!? Well, for the past WHILE.  First of all, this wedding has completely killed my social life.  Each of my weekends have been FILLED with wedding related activities.  Cake tastings, Florist Consultations, Bridesmaid’s fittings, Bridal Fittings, Budget Planning – you name it…we’re doing it!  My fiance and I travel from DC to Richmond to DC to Baltimore BACK to DC like its our jobs. 

I signed up for this tennis class, with Fairfax Parks and Rec, as way to bond with a childhood girlfriend, exercise and get some variety in life.  After paying for the 5 part class – I only ended up going to 2 freakin’ classes! Needless to say, I was so upset and very disappointed because when I booked the class, I planned on going to all five!

Two of my very dear girlfriends have had major blowouts for their birthdays…do you know I was so tired, I couldn’t even fathom the thought of putting on party clothes and going out?

I mean…its that bad.  My friends have resorted to making dates with me on the weeknights for 1.5 hours increments. 


In other news – I decided to see a dietitian and finally get my priorities in order, as far as nutrition and personal training.  I’m excited about that and ready to make some major changes in life – yahoo.

Hopefully this will restore some balance in my life and I can get back to some other things that matter.

I missed doing this 🙂 YAY!! I’m BACK!

I think, lol.