You know it was coming…

Here’s my update on life currently.  Things I’m happy about and things that make me go “errrrrrrrrrrrrr.”

Let’s start with the RANTs, so I can end on a positive note:

1. I don’t like people who you can’t count on. I utterly annoys me that people in 2009 can’t be consistent OR relied upon to keep their word.  Don’t you think your word is your bond? If people can’t count on you, then what is your legacy?

2. Why is this blasted wedding recession proof? How come most of in the general population have to worry about things that happen in the economy everyday but they get to charge me thousands of dollars on the most RANDOM things??! GRRRRRR!

3. I want to start decorating my apartment with my pooooopie.  must we wait until Sept? LOL.  It all seems so backwards – so suddenly after we’re married, we’re expected to merge everything together?

4. People who have no backbone are the worse. Since when is it cool to let your significant other or lack their of dictate the basic way you conduct yourself? Get a life…and this is coming from a woman who insanely in love with her fiance.  Guess what – You still have to be a WHOLE person,  by yourself, before you can be “two.”

5. I’m ready to put my hair in braids…this “doing my hair thing” has got to go, at least for now, LOL


1. I’m really starting to embrace being a bride.

2. My flowers are absolutely gorgeous and worth every penny…

3. I have a JOB, with BENEFITS in 2009 🙂

4. I go to a dynamic wonderful church and I absolutely want to be just like my first lady and I want my sweetie to be like my pastor when we grow up, LOL.

5. My parents are the most awesome examples of parents and making it look “easy.”

6.  I booked my honeymoon and it was a gift from my sweetie’s grandparents! YESSSSSSSS savings!

7. I’m going dress shopping next week and I cannot wait!

8. I’m excited about being a student in 2010 again 🙂

9. I’m trying to enjoy every phase of my life…even the “getting there” parts!