42-16981501or something like that…

So as predicted, we got back a crapload of money from the IRS. More than what we suspected for our wedding and my parents came through with the money they promised us. The question is, what the heck do we do with it??

Well, obviously, we “KNOW” what to do with it and I’m gun ho about implemented in “our” spending plan. I thought my finace was down too..come to find out, he’s not to excited about spending our thousands of dollars. In fact, he informed me this VERY morning, that he’s been opening our joint account on-line banking at least 4 times a day and looking at the money. Just looking at it. Like wow….I can’t believe we have this much money.

Then he closes the browser.

and about an hour later, he opens the browser again, enters our user-name and password and looks at the money.

*side eyed, followed by a blank stare*, then a *giggle*

Okay….let me not put him out there completely alone.! I’ve done it at least once…maybe twice. We’re horrible.

I was a bit obsessive and I checked it promptly this morning and informed him, sweetie…more money was deposited. I asked him could I pay off our “wedding” credit card and keep the remaining cash in the account, to which he responded, “Can I just look at the money first?”

My poor sweet baby…he just wanted to see it, before it was spent.

I responded back, “I feel you…don’t you just wanna go somewhere and go on a wild shopping spree?”

To which he responded, “Girl, I wouldn’t even KNOW how to spend all of that money!”

and then I said, “Oh WE KNOW how to spend it. It’s called WEDDING on Sept 26, 2009”

He didn’t say anything, but I could’ve sworn I heard him sniffle and one single lonely tear slid down his face.


Recession, WHAT?!? I’M RICH SNITCHES!! lol