…with all things wedding related.  I’m trying to focus on other things that actually mean SOMETHING, but alas…I cannot focus.  Like I seriously need to get back into my study regiment for the LSAT.  I have until June (when I take it) but I need to get into a flow and I want to be finished with all of my on-line classes by April 7th (since that’s when the on-demand classes end). 

I also want to start having Bible Study with my fiance and I want us to pray together more.  We committed last weekend to 15 minutes a day and so far, we’ve done….NOTHING.  We suck. 

I want to organize my workspace and clean my room! I live and work in clutter – documents and hard drives that need to be uploaded to on-line respositories crowd my space….and I have to work with the files also every day, so what’s the point in filing them? My room is filled with shoes, clothes, tax papers, bills, empty shoe boxes and wedding magazines.

AHHHHH! I just want to get things in order – but there’s no time.

Unless I’m just making that up.  I guess I could MAKE time. UGH – I guess I’ll add another 15 minutes of my time in the morning to tidying up and instead of surfing the net during down time @ work, I’ll organize my desk.

and I’ll type of a study schedule – RIGHT NOW, before I go to the gym.

I’ll stop trying to find cute bridesmaids gifts and obsessing over wedding stationary themes.