42-17343913here’s the 411 on what’s been up with me.  Sorry, I don’t have a cutesy title or something clever to say. Just blunt with three dots behind it, lol.

I can’t shake the feeling that I’m forgetting something.  I guess this is good at work, because every time I ALMOST forget a random assignment that was haphazardly assigned to me, I remember it, JUST in the nick of time – so I suppose this “feeling” isn’t something I should shake just now.  But either way, it’s making me feel paranoid.

I’m slightly reobsessed with Biggie right now.  Watching the movie Notorious brought back my middle school/early high school love – sneaking, listening to Jr. Mafia.  Then my parents finding the tape and wanting to spank me, then later realizing I was too old to be spanked. Sidebar – that was an exciting time in my life…when I figured out that my parents wouldn’t spank me anymore.  I felt liberated!! I would weigh my options…hmm, is talking back work not talking on the phone for a week? Should I make an A in this class, so that I can earn time off for good behavior?  It was like this new negotiating chip! Punishment vs. Good Deeds – I quickly learned it was just easier to be good, but if I really wanted to do something against the rules, I would just have to suffer with not having the phone for a while…which was tough, but I could handle it 😉 Okay, back to the subject at hand.  So anyways, I bought Faith’s memoirs and the Vibe Biggie Biography that the movie was based on.  Can’t WAIT for them to come, LOL.  Yeah…whatever – don’t.judge.me.

Studying for the LSAT is proving to be good.  With all of these tricks of the trade, I’m sure to boost my score into the 160s.  I’m elated about the possiblities.  I need more time though…I wish I’d started the class in December vs. January.  But you live and you learn…

I want my own apartment – I’ve decided.  I’m too “marriage – minded” to live with two other females at this point in my life.  It’s nice to save money..but I just think I’m ready for my own space, I’m ready to not feel so “transient,” I’m ready for my husband, I’m ready to cook for him and not feel like I owe anyone money, I’m just ready to only worry about mine and his feelings. We only have a 3 years before we want to have kids, so this is our time to be selfish and think about ourselves. I’m ready to just start my life with my soulmate…I never thought I’d feel so frustrated about it all.  It felt good to type it :o)

I want a summer break – don’t you miss those?? I need to be a child again.  Or get a job as a teacher, lol. 

that is all.