42-16971213Just a typical day at my Apartment:

My SPBFF is going into business with my sister, so she was over last night meeting with her.  My sweetheart walked out into the living room looking like he was ready to mime – he’d just gotten this new mud mask and he was excited to try it out.  Background:  Many of you don’t know what my big man looks like, but imagine a shirtless, 6.6ft, 315 lb man walk about with a Tahitian grey mud mask on his face!!  My friend was instantly weak with laughter. 


He sat down beside me , we turned on American Idol and my baby asked me, “So, who do you think is the most successful idol?”

“Hmmmm….I don’t know,” I replied.

“Fantasia?” he asked.

“NOOO..I would say Kelly Clarkson.  No, scratch that, Carrie Underwood, if we’re going to talk about who’s the most relevant now,” I surmise.

Only to be interrupted by my SPBFF – “Yall are like an old married couple….look at you!?”

T and I look at each other like, WHAT? this is what we always do? We laugh, shrug it off and continue our conversation.

Later on, SPBFF leaves and T and I watch Tyra Banks, “Put a Ring on It” episode of her talk show.  I cuddle under him and grab my LSAT book. 

I read, I break, we laugh, we discuss, T says he hates that Beyonce song, I scream at him…we laugh again.

And then, I think to myself, “is this how it’s going to be?”

And I smile, knowing that I made the best decision ever when I told him, “yes!”

Slightly Random and doesn’t really deserve to be appended to the ending here, but whatever:   There are all of these blogs dedicated to “getting married” and “weddings” but there are NONE (at least that I’ve seen) that focus on the bizarre, random things that happened when you’re “almost married, only not really.”  In fact, that is what I’m going to called this whole “engaged” thing.

That is all…..