00772000024…to you Ms. Blog is to try and update you at least twice a week. 

I say vow because people make a lot of promises and then back out on them, people make resolutions and quit on them.  But for some reason – vows, its takes a lot to get out of.  Usually people will go through lengths not to go back on vows –  they go to counseling, go to church, learn to forgive, accept some things they didn’t necessarily think would be their reality – just to stay faithful to their vows.

I heard that it also does something to your subconscious mind, by actually stating something is a VOW vs. a mere promise or something you’d like to do.  The subconscious mind responds by the way you react to things, so I’m going to program myself to take my thoughts seriously. 

So often we doubt our ablity to do something great.  How many times have I heard someone say, “I’m going to try to think positive” or “I can do this” or “This year I will accomplish this…” and the MOMENT an obstacle comes in our way, we quit.  We say something negative and negate our entire resolve to be better, to realize our dreams. 

I dare myself to vow.  To make COMMITMENTS…to things I see as reality for me. 

Reprogram my brain to take my future seriously. 

So, in my desire to take my blogging to the next level…I VOW to write at least twice a week.

And I don’t break vows 😉