42-19101437Allow me to reintroduce myself…my name is (HOV!) okay maybe not (I couldn’t resist)!

My name is e Dot pizzle…otherwise known in the real world as Erika.  I’m excited to be on wordpress and I’m a recent convert from blogger.   This website has so much to offer and I’m a little bit intimidated, but excited to be here, taking my blog to the next level. It seemed the right thing to do, starting 2009 off and all.

I’m guessing my “about me” is supposed to tell you all about me, but I figured I’d give you a little bit more than that standard.  There are so many things that make up who I am.  I like to have meaningful conversations.  About…everything. 

Sometimes I wax poetic, other times I just have some random stuff to get off my chest.  Sometimes I rhyme.  Other times, I don’t make much sense.

I’m passionate.  Everything I do, I have to feel it, it’s the Scorpio in me. 

I love making things better, if I can.  I think that’s why I’m in information seeker.  I love self improvement and personal finance.  Last year, I was quite proud of myself that I’ve managed to pay off all of my debt through self discipline and control. 

My life is ever evolving and I love the changes.  I’m recently engaged and embracing all of the changes that come my way, regarding that.  I’m embracing the thought of being a wife – something I didn’t think I would say so soon.

I have a passion for music.  I think I should have been some type of producer – too bad, I didn’t recognize it early enough in life.  However I love being a fan. I’m a huge fan.  Ask about me. ha ha.

I’m a writer…through and through.  Sometimes I read my own stuff and I’m amazed and how I will have this random thought and God will give me the words to write on paper.  Sometimes I read it back and don’t remember how I was inspired or what was my thought process…how it comes from my head to my computer screen sometimes scares me.  and I love it.

I love makeovers – anything to improve self esteem – whether it be weightloss or figuring out what looks best on you.  I just love the thought of self improvement on any scale – physical, mentally, outwardly, spiritually….did I mention Jesus is my homie?

For real…he is.

Lastly, I want to make a difference by example.  I want to be able to touch people – to help them realize they can achieve much more than they ever thought or wished.  I think that’s why I was put on this earth…to help uncover potential and help people realize they’re merely a caterpillar.  And ALL caterpillars turn into butterflies.

I think that’s it.

Oh yeah…and sometimes, sappy love songs make me cry.