I’m going to be honest with you – I was entirely stressed out beyond belief about buying a house on top of the wedding this past year (2008).  If you’ve read my blog in the past, you’d know that initially buying a house was my dream last year.  Mainly because at the beginning of the year, I was single (that lasted for 1 month, lol), secure in myself and ready to focus on my next “dream.”  Well, enter the man of my dreams around February 2nd and our world wind romance and you’ll see how I got here…planning a wedding in August, after being proposed to.

So I think I still tried to maintain my housing dream, but push it to this year (2009).  And then as the wedding prices became more “real,” deposits started being due, and I realized that I wanted to go to Law School – this whole home ownership thing seemed like we should push it off until we were married for a year or two. 

Well, I think the housing dream jumped away from me and onto my fiance’s radar and he grabbed it, full throttle.  I mean, who can blame him.  With the $7,500 tax credit, us both being first time home buyers and housing prices dropping like hot cakes – it seems like a nobrainer, right?

Unfortunately or Fortunately  – our housing dream had BAD timing.  It took a couple of arguments, disagreements, tears and hard decisions…to land us here.  We are going to pay for this $30,000 wedding and just be married for a while before we plunge into home ownership.  I, for one, couldn’t be more happier.  There were so many decisions to be made, money was going to be muuuuuuuch tighter and we were going to be plain out stressed

The good news is – we’ve FINALLY come to a mutual vision for the wedding.  We figured out how we were going to pay for it all (with some help from my parents) and everything is GRAVY!!! Additionally, I’d registered/paid for the LSAT, signed up for my LSAT prep class and I’m beginning sessions starting this week! .  My fiance and I were opening a account for some of our shared expenses – we had a financial plan and budget and things are now in order!

WOW…I feel such peace.  We even figured out where we were going to rent our cute two bedroom apartment. We talked about buying our future flat screened television, paying off both of our cars, saving up a substanital down payment, paying off any outstanding debt, buying a king sized bed and what artwork we may hang up (okay, maybe that last part was just me). 

 I’m so glad we’re finally on the same page with a detailed plan of how we will get through the remainder of 2009, including our wedding, honeymoon, trip to Jamaica for a friend’s wedding, law school applications, LSAT test and prep courses and just plain ole living.


is this any indication of how marriage is going to be? does it get easier?  any answers??