Oh Ms Blog – how I’ve missed thee?! This silly Christmas shopping, wedding planning, budget crunching, mountain moving, business developing, weight losing – I have no time for my precious blog 😦

So I’ve been inundated with people talking about using your gifts. At church, at leadership conferences, amongst friends, even training at work – and I’m like WOW! Clearly I’m hearing this for a purpose.

I’ve got to write out the main things I will accomplish with this gift pregnancy I’m trying to bring to full term. With things being in the first trimester, its scary to talk about it, for fear that my dream may die early. Nonetheless….I know what I have to do.

Dust my book off the shelf and finish her. I have 10 more chapters to write. I read it the other day and I actually enjoyed reading my own writing….It was just this great feeling – of confirmation. That what I had to say, mattered to someone…at least to myself.

Next, I must pursue Noni, so that I have an additional stream of income to field my various dreams.

Take my blogging to another level – get a real name, theme, perhaps switch to WordPress , start labeling, get someone to make me a cool website, purchase a domain name, get involved in other blogging ventures…get serious…

Lastly, I have got to develop my business with one of my business partners and best girlfriends from college. We owe it to ourselves to do what we do best…

So I’m gettting serious. Before 2009 comes, I’m going to make some major life changes to the way I approach my gifts.

I’ve GOTTA write write write….right now 🙂