I’m SO frustrated with this dumb wedding planning right now and I’m not even doing any of the work.
Here’s the issue. We want to have a party to celebrate the wedding. Not a reception, we’re already having a brunch reception AFTER the wedding. You know, catered menu, guest headcount, price per person, all of that crap.
Supposedly, there’s no place in Richmond that will do what we want, except the Richmond Convention Center.
We thought we’d found a gem in the Crowne Plaza hotel – but these bamas think we’re having a RECEPTION there, no matter how many times we tell them we’re having a PARTY!!
I MET with the sales manager IN PERSON to relay the information. She was suppoed to communicate what I told her to the catering manager.
Here we are two days later and the freaking catering manager writes my wedding planner: “
The food you have listed here is for the Pre-Reception? Are they then going to have a sit down dinner or buffet?”
Are you FREAKING kidding me?!?! Didn’t we tell you that we’re having a PARTY, with appetizers and a bar??? The freaking party from 8pm to midnight – why are we having a plated dinner or buffet later?!?!

I hate these stupid people

and why do they all want my money?!?!