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Hello 2009!! (Oh yeah and Merry Christmas)

If I was being honest, I’d say that this was the best year of my life. Part of me is scared to see 2008 leave. Even with the whole “recession” and major life changing events, I wouldn’t change this year for the world.
In 2008 I learned so much, I saw so much and I gained so much. I learned that a man could love a woman so fiercely – so quickly, so SOLIDLY…that he would sacrifice EVERYTHING to let the world know!
What greater gift could I ever ask for, than God giving me the love of my life?? Christmas came early and nothing else – HONESTLY, really mattered…all year.
Okay – scratch that, Barack Obama (period).That’s all I really need to say about that.
Falling in love was amazing. Falling in love in one day was delicious. I wish every woman could experience that feeling. Perhaps, what makes it so special is that I was one of the few select people to experience it….hmm? I don’t know.
2009, they say is the year of judgement. Things that you may have “gotten away with” during 2008, those things will come into judgement in 2009. That’s a bit scary, don’t you think?
Great if you’ve sown goodness into people, yourself and others. Not so great if you’ve sucked at life and haven’t done anything positive.
I guess this is the time where I’m supposed to put up my new year’s resolutions, right?
I think I really only have ONE.
To be the best me I can be.
So okay 2009….I’m ready for you 🙂

Why does everyone want my money, Part 2

So…it’s Christmas (fa la la la and all that jazz) and I have to get many gifts. I’ve gotten a ton of bargains thus far, however, I have two major bills to pay. Actually THREE.
$799 remaining for my LSAT prep course, $500 deposit for my 2nd reception/party and $132 for my LSAT test.


I’ve gotta write!

Oh Ms Blog – how I’ve missed thee?! This silly Christmas shopping, wedding planning, budget crunching, mountain moving, business developing, weight losing – I have no time for my precious blog 😦

So I’ve been inundated with people talking about using your gifts. At church, at leadership conferences, amongst friends, even training at work – and I’m like WOW! Clearly I’m hearing this for a purpose.

I’ve got to write out the main things I will accomplish with this gift pregnancy I’m trying to bring to full term. With things being in the first trimester, its scary to talk about it, for fear that my dream may die early. Nonetheless….I know what I have to do.

Dust my book off the shelf and finish her. I have 10 more chapters to write. I read it the other day and I actually enjoyed reading my own writing….It was just this great feeling – of confirmation. That what I had to say, mattered to someone…at least to myself.

Next, I must pursue Noni, so that I have an additional stream of income to field my various dreams.

Take my blogging to another level – get a real name, theme, perhaps switch to WordPress , start labeling, get someone to make me a cool website, purchase a domain name, get involved in other blogging ventures…get serious…

Lastly, I have got to develop my business with one of my business partners and best girlfriends from college. We owe it to ourselves to do what we do best…

So I’m gettting serious. Before 2009 comes, I’m going to make some major life changes to the way I approach my gifts.

I’ve GOTTA write write write….right now 🙂

Ever felt like crying?

42-15322998Over something even when you had no good reason to cry.

I’ve always thought only punks cried… 

I don’t know where I got this from – but its that thought that stops me from letting it all out at times. 

Not even a sad cry. I’m talking about a pure, frustrated, I’m 2 years old and something didn’t quite go my way cry.

Well…I want to have one of those right now. 

Guess my pride will never let me go out like a punk.

**Falls down, starts throwing my shoes against the wall and letting out an ear-piercing, gut wrenching SCREAM (in my mind)**

Why does everyone want my money, Part 1

I’m SO frustrated with this dumb wedding planning right now and I’m not even doing any of the work.
Here’s the issue. We want to have a party to celebrate the wedding. Not a reception, we’re already having a brunch reception AFTER the wedding. You know, catered menu, guest headcount, price per person, all of that crap.
Supposedly, there’s no place in Richmond that will do what we want, except the Richmond Convention Center.
We thought we’d found a gem in the Crowne Plaza hotel – but these bamas think we’re having a RECEPTION there, no matter how many times we tell them we’re having a PARTY!!
I MET with the sales manager IN PERSON to relay the information. She was suppoed to communicate what I told her to the catering manager.
Here we are two days later and the freaking catering manager writes my wedding planner: “
The food you have listed here is for the Pre-Reception? Are they then going to have a sit down dinner or buffet?”
Are you FREAKING kidding me?!?! Didn’t we tell you that we’re having a PARTY, with appetizers and a bar??? The freaking party from 8pm to midnight – why are we having a plated dinner or buffet later?!?!

I hate these stupid people

and why do they all want my money?!?!

I don’t like the format…

Okay normally I love all things Google (I’m currently OBESSED with Google Reader @ this moment) – but I’ve had a recent run-in with WordPress and I must say, I enjoy their blog functionality WAAAAAAY more than I like Blogger. I need to figure out some way to import my blog to WordPress, without losing my cool comments and my loyal fanbase, lol.

Any suggestions? I know how to import the blog (I think) but to get people forwarded to my new page – that’s where I’m slightly concerned/clueless.