Since I’ve last spoken to you all, I’ve successfully paid down a nice chunk of debt. Instead of spending the $700+ on myself (or for gifts on other people)…it put it RIGHT towards the wedding credit card 🙂 YAY!! So I’m excited that I put my nose to the ground (is that the right expression) and made it happen!

I made some minor tweaks to my Christmas budget and my parents gave me an unexpected birthday gift (yay) and confirmed that they would give us our normal “Christmas gift”/money – I can’t believe it! I just knew since I was engaged they would officially CUT ME OFF…guess I’m blessed that they still care – yahooski!

In other news, my fiance and I are meeting with a financial counselor Dec. 20th, 2008. Hopefully, she’ll help us to get our minds right. Its hard to figure out whens the best time to put your money together and when we should start being accountable towards each other for spending (and not spending)…

Oh tis so deep to be engaged and merging two lives as one.

In other news – our wedding budget is going SO great! We’re meeting with the DJ Friday who assured us we wouldn’t be charged the regular rate (YES SAVINGS!!!). Me and my pook completely over estimated how much our second party/reception was going to be (like we over estimated some thousands more)!

We’ve committed to read “Think and Grow Rich” together….in fact we read to each other last night…I love that I can grow with someone. The next book we’re going to read is “Smart Couples Finish RICH!”

Things are heading in the right direction!