Ooooooooooooh 16 hundred million times!!!

The SPBFF sent me a blog today, “The Hustle of Sistah Ant”…or something like that. Let’s just say, it was like going to church, when the preacher is talking DIRECTLY to you and you’re like, “hey? how did you KNOW that!” grrrr…and then you think, “sheesh, I gotta do better.” Two major things I’ve realized, I got to start budgeting and STICKING to it. I mean really, I have entirely too many things going on in my life to just “watch”the my money go, on my on-line banking account and check the balance!

And #2 – I have to start making better groceries.

Random I know – only not really….

The main reason is because, we compared our budgets at my investment club meeting and I vastly outspent our group, by approx. 5%! So…what the heck am I eating? I think I just go to Harris Teeter and spend spend spend…never truly mindful of the sales items. I also like to cook – it’s my joy and I share with my family and friends. Especially my fiance, who has a big appetite and sometimes likes to take food in his lunch the next day.

So…I’m committing to shop the sales for an entire month and see if my groceries improve. If it’s not on sale – then I’m NOT buying it. PERIOD. And I’m not eating out anymore. I refuse. Unless someone else is paying, then forget it. I’m bringing lunch every day to work and I’m putting my “savings” on my credit cards…which are getting slightly outrageous now.

I’m just going to put all of my business out there.

My wedding is taking over my life and every time an unexpected expense comes up, we put it on our ‘wedding credit card’ and vow to pay it off, in Never never land. NO MORE!!

I’m committed to paying at least the MMP, PLUS $400 each month on my credit card until its lower than 30% of my credit limit. It’s now, dangerously over 50% and I will have no parts of it anymore.

I’m angry with myself…but this is good. I do good when I’m angry. I set goals, I’m passionate…I’m just like I was when I first began.

So – I’m taking control over my finaces – among other areas of my life.

I make entirely too much money to be this careless and not have more to show for myself.

So…I’m making a ‘new’ networth page – which I may provide the link (I don’t know if I want yall ALL up in my business).

But I’m a pretty public person. I’m a blogger, for crying out loud….

And I like to put myself on the altar…so that I can be forgiven, accepted for my honesty and appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚ then I can repent and move on for the better.

So, I’m naked – judge if you will – but i’m making a change back to the old me!


tee hee…