Don’t you need something more?

Or want something more than just…this?

I’m trying not to sound preachy, but it’s hard because I don’t understand “us” sometimes.

And I feel as though myspace and facebook further “puts us out there” and showcases the things we consider to be acceptable.

I’m so disheartened when I see the same middle/high school politics still plague our people.

In high school, the “cool” kids were measured by how expensive their clothes were, how much they DID NOT achieve, who was the cutest/finest, who rocked the best hairstyle, etc…so on and so forth.

Don’t get me wrong. I do believe the a person MUST put their best foot forward. They SHOULD be well dressed, appropriate for any given environment, and should be well kept.

However…what I’m describing, is NOT the same thing as the “high school” mentality.

What I’m describing is being professional and taking pride in oneself.

But what I’m seeing on these networking websites is enough to make me wanna scream!! Are we still promoting the fact that we’re spending exorbitant amounts of money on ridiculous name brands?


Are you bragging that you just bought some tacky “Prada,” “Louie,” or “Gucci?”

Off some knock-off website?

I’m just flabbergasted.

I mean…really?

My question to you is how much money do you have in your 401(k)?

Are you interested in becoming a home owner? And if so, how much money do you have saved up for your down payment?

Are your credit cards maxed out? Do you have good credit?

How about investments – do you have bonds, stocks, cds?

Do you bounce checks – or is your checking account in order?

Do you still live with your momma??

Who’s taking care of your kids?

Does partying in the club, drinking up all of your money, sporting the latest “ish,” and wearing the flyest gear make you feel accomplished?

My people – we can no longer think we’re wealthy or “ballinnnnnnnn” if we’re spending money on FOOLISHNESS that depreciates with value.

Didn’t you watch “Baby Boy?” There’s the BUTTA and the GUNZ. LOL.

It just makes me soo – upset and sad for us

Let’s use the fact that we’re living in a time where we can celebrate…INTELLIGENCE đŸ™‚

Not gaudy 10K jewelery and cloudy (blemished) diamonds.

You’re wasting your money and your net worth is in the negative.