Never in my life have I felt like I do this morning. I woke up in the middle of the night, permeated with anticipation. I likened the feeling to being an eager kid on Christmas morning – waiting for my parents to get up – as I wait for my poll partner to come get me this morning, to VOTE. The thought of changing our nation’s history brings me to tears…really? A black man, as president of the United States? But so much more than just a black man….a leader who comes along once in a lifetime. I’m honored to cast my vote in his name. Barack – defined as “blessed” or “to bless.”
Can you imagine feeling like an election is spiritual?
I can’t wait to run to the polls…
I can’t wait to don my pin, with Barack’s face on it, on my way to work, after my ballot has been cast.
I feel a part of something bigger than me.
Something larger than life.
The audacity of Hope.
A dream deferred…..
suddenly REALIZED.