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Thanksgiving, Reviews and Randomness….

November marks my favorite time of the year….the absolute BESTEST three months of the year begin in NOVEMBER 🙂
First you have my birthday, then Thanksgiving. Followed by all of the great Christmas parties at work, Christmas Eve (which is SO much better than Christmas day), Christmas day, then New Year’s Eve and FINALLY New Year’s day.
And before you get too settled into work…BAM! There’s MLK day 😉
I love it!
I have so much to be Thankful for this year.
In the midst of a recession…God has blessed to be in a better financial position than I’ve ever been in my entire life. He’s blessed me with a great family, wonderful friends and most of all – he gave me the love of my life this year.
2008 brought us our first African American First Lady! Oh yeah…and the fabulousness that is Sasha and Malia.
God blessed us with a man who’s name MEANS blessing – BARACK OBAMA.
And Beyonce came out with a CD on my birthday….lol.
What could be better?
Has anyone been watching that new show, “Brothers to Brutha” on BET? At first I thought these were some corny kids from LA. But last night, I was watching this show and boo-hooing! The show is really good and these kids (and they’re daddy and uncle) need some serious counseling! The show is really good though and of course, right after it was my favorite KEYSHIA COLE. I swear, I pray for that family more than I do some folks that I know! BET finally stopped trying to copycat MTV so obviously with these two shows…so step in the right direction (or something like that).
In Randomness – I want to find a claymation movie to watch this weekend. Perhaps Rudolph will do 😉
Tis the Season!

I’m Soo Good ;)

Since I’ve last spoken to you all, I’ve successfully paid down a nice chunk of debt. Instead of spending the $700+ on myself (or for gifts on other people)…it put it RIGHT towards the wedding credit card 🙂 YAY!! So I’m excited that I put my nose to the ground (is that the right expression) and made it happen!

I made some minor tweaks to my Christmas budget and my parents gave me an unexpected birthday gift (yay) and confirmed that they would give us our normal “Christmas gift”/money – I can’t believe it! I just knew since I was engaged they would officially CUT ME OFF…guess I’m blessed that they still care – yahooski!

In other news, my fiance and I are meeting with a financial counselor Dec. 20th, 2008. Hopefully, she’ll help us to get our minds right. Its hard to figure out whens the best time to put your money together and when we should start being accountable towards each other for spending (and not spending)…

Oh tis so deep to be engaged and merging two lives as one.

In other news – our wedding budget is going SO great! We’re meeting with the DJ Friday who assured us we wouldn’t be charged the regular rate (YES SAVINGS!!!). Me and my pook completely over estimated how much our second party/reception was going to be (like we over estimated some thousands more)!

We’ve committed to read “Think and Grow Rich” together….in fact we read to each other last night…I love that I can grow with someone. The next book we’re going to read is “Smart Couples Finish RICH!”

Things are heading in the right direction!

In other GREAT news…

I won $250 worth of awards at work…and I have a very slim Christmas budget. Mostly because the people in my life require one “decent” gift, a piece. So…with this award money, I plan to put it towards my gifts and then I’ll to pay only a whopping $300 for the rest of my gifts!! YAY!!!

I think I’ll put the rest of my unused/saved money toward the wedding budget/savings.

I was excited. I also found the main gift that my boo wanted for Christmas for $10 less than I anticipated 🙂

I’m about to find all types of deals and sales – who knows…perhaps I’ll come SUBSTANTIALLY under my budget!


Back to budgeting!

How many times have I meant to write this blog???

Ooooooooooooh 16 hundred million times!!!

The SPBFF sent me a blog today, “The Hustle of Sistah Ant”…or something like that. Let’s just say, it was like going to church, when the preacher is talking DIRECTLY to you and you’re like, “hey? how did you KNOW that!” grrrr…and then you think, “sheesh, I gotta do better.” Two major things I’ve realized, I got to start budgeting and STICKING to it. I mean really, I have entirely too many things going on in my life to just “watch”the my money go, on my on-line banking account and check the balance!

And #2 – I have to start making better groceries.

Random I know – only not really….

The main reason is because, we compared our budgets at my investment club meeting and I vastly outspent our group, by approx. 5%! So…what the heck am I eating? I think I just go to Harris Teeter and spend spend spend…never truly mindful of the sales items. I also like to cook – it’s my joy and I share with my family and friends. Especially my fiance, who has a big appetite and sometimes likes to take food in his lunch the next day.

So…I’m committing to shop the sales for an entire month and see if my groceries improve. If it’s not on sale – then I’m NOT buying it. PERIOD. And I’m not eating out anymore. I refuse. Unless someone else is paying, then forget it. I’m bringing lunch every day to work and I’m putting my “savings” on my credit cards…which are getting slightly outrageous now.

I’m just going to put all of my business out there.

My wedding is taking over my life and every time an unexpected expense comes up, we put it on our ‘wedding credit card’ and vow to pay it off, in Never never land. NO MORE!!

I’m committed to paying at least the MMP, PLUS $400 each month on my credit card until its lower than 30% of my credit limit. It’s now, dangerously over 50% and I will have no parts of it anymore.

I’m angry with myself…but this is good. I do good when I’m angry. I set goals, I’m passionate…I’m just like I was when I first began.

So – I’m taking control over my finaces – among other areas of my life.

I make entirely too much money to be this careless and not have more to show for myself.

So…I’m making a ‘new’ networth page – which I may provide the link (I don’t know if I want yall ALL up in my business).

But I’m a pretty public person. I’m a blogger, for crying out loud….

And I like to put myself on the altar…so that I can be forgiven, accepted for my honesty and appreciated 🙂 then I can repent and move on for the better.

So, I’m naked – judge if you will – but i’m making a change back to the old me!


tee hee…

So…I’m 26?!?

Today has been sort of uneventful…
and I’m cool with it.
All of the things that matter are in place 🙂
So – I’m blessed to have one more year!
I think that’s it.

Something More?

Don’t you need something more?

Or want something more than just…this?

I’m trying not to sound preachy, but it’s hard because I don’t understand “us” sometimes.

And I feel as though myspace and facebook further “puts us out there” and showcases the things we consider to be acceptable.

I’m so disheartened when I see the same middle/high school politics still plague our people.

In high school, the “cool” kids were measured by how expensive their clothes were, how much they DID NOT achieve, who was the cutest/finest, who rocked the best hairstyle, etc…so on and so forth.

Don’t get me wrong. I do believe the a person MUST put their best foot forward. They SHOULD be well dressed, appropriate for any given environment, and should be well kept.

However…what I’m describing, is NOT the same thing as the “high school” mentality.

What I’m describing is being professional and taking pride in oneself.

But what I’m seeing on these networking websites is enough to make me wanna scream!! Are we still promoting the fact that we’re spending exorbitant amounts of money on ridiculous name brands?


Are you bragging that you just bought some tacky “Prada,” “Louie,” or “Gucci?”

Off some knock-off website?

I’m just flabbergasted.

I mean…really?

My question to you is how much money do you have in your 401(k)?

Are you interested in becoming a home owner? And if so, how much money do you have saved up for your down payment?

Are your credit cards maxed out? Do you have good credit?

How about investments – do you have bonds, stocks, cds?

Do you bounce checks – or is your checking account in order?

Do you still live with your momma??

Who’s taking care of your kids?

Does partying in the club, drinking up all of your money, sporting the latest “ish,” and wearing the flyest gear make you feel accomplished?

My people – we can no longer think we’re wealthy or “ballinnnnnnnn” if we’re spending money on FOOLISHNESS that depreciates with value.

Didn’t you watch “Baby Boy?” There’s the BUTTA and the GUNZ. LOL.

It just makes me soo – upset and sad for us

Let’s use the fact that we’re living in a time where we can celebrate…INTELLIGENCE 🙂

Not gaudy 10K jewelery and cloudy (blemished) diamonds.

You’re wasting your money and your net worth is in the negative.



Never in my life have I felt like I do this morning. I woke up in the middle of the night, permeated with anticipation. I likened the feeling to being an eager kid on Christmas morning – waiting for my parents to get up – as I wait for my poll partner to come get me this morning, to VOTE. The thought of changing our nation’s history brings me to tears…really? A black man, as president of the United States? But so much more than just a black man….a leader who comes along once in a lifetime. I’m honored to cast my vote in his name. Barack – defined as “blessed” or “to bless.”
Can you imagine feeling like an election is spiritual?
I can’t wait to run to the polls…
I can’t wait to don my pin, with Barack’s face on it, on my way to work, after my ballot has been cast.
I feel a part of something bigger than me.
Something larger than life.
The audacity of Hope.
A dream deferred…..
suddenly REALIZED.