Updates –
Well…In good news, I got a raise at my job. And I’ve definitely noticed the difference in my checks – so that makes for happy times.
In other news…I SO need to get back to budgeting. I haven’t been actively WRITING out what I have to do.
A good thing is that I’m over 50% to my January wedding goal. YESS! I cannot WAIT to pay that credit card OFF 🙂 Not much longer to go.
In bad news – I acquired two additional expenses, LSAT prep course and the February LSAT.
I guess I’ll be happy in 4 years, after I pass the bar, graduate law school and I’m RICH…LOL.
This adult thing – not so cool. It’s takes an UBERLY LARGE AMOUNT OF DISCIPLINE to manage your money. I’m glad I realized this at an early age though. I’m listening to some adults around me and I realize no one has really taken the proper steps to make sure they don’t end up in the welfare line after they retire….craziness, I tell ya. Perhaps ignorance earlier on in life…but what a horrible way to learn a lesson.
I think I still have friends who don’t invest in their 401(k)…..what do you think will save you? Pension?
Well…that’s enough of my rant. I’m going to go look at my bank account now…