I’ve been pretty bad with finances lately. I’ll be honest. I got this unexpected bill and needless to say, I had to pay it off quickly and I wasn’t counting on it. So I’ve been charging more than I normally do – even my fiance noticed it and was like, “hmmm – credit??”
I wanted to punch him in the face…then I figured it wasn’t his fault that the bill had piss poor planning in it’s arrival, lol.
I blog all of that to say, you never know exactly when bills are going to come out of nowhere, so it’s always better to be prepared and have “extra” money just in case….which leads me to another point.
I’ve been an advocate of budgeting down to zero for quite some time….ever since I was introduced to Dave Ramsey – but now my budget has been SHOT for the past month b/c of an unexpected bill!
I guess I could now factor this new bill into my budget for the next two months.
Either way, I’m still annoyed.
Perhaps I will go back to not accounting for approx. $100 – or I’ll put it to the “blow” category. I don’t want to get caught in this situation again. Grrr…..

And I seriusly need some new clothes – like yesterday. I think I’m going to hit up the mall – I haven’t been shopping since the summer. It’s time for a fall wardrobe!

That’s all….