The power of positive thinking is something that means a lot to me. And the older I get, the more I realize that I can do ANYTHING that I put my mind too. I can attract worthwhile people and opportunities. I can make the BEST of anything, just simply by being in the right frame of mind. I try to tell people this, but lots of times, I think I’m preaching to deaf ears. So many times I keep it to myself.

I also laugh in the face of a so called “challenge.” I can do ALL THINGS to Christ who strenghtens me…so I’m laughing, because I already know, that I can do it…

Which brings me to my present situation. I’ve looked on the Century 21, Long and Foster and Coldwell Real Estate Listing sites over the past week and I cannot believe my eyes. I’m talking single family homes, in the DC METRO AREA for less than $250,000!!!

I talked to my groom and he was like – are we going to regret waiting a year after we get married (two years), especially if we miss out on these INSANE prices??

Me -Agreed babe, we will be quite pissy.

So…the plan now is how can we still finance our wedding and take advantage of the market (especially since, it’s trying to take advantage of most Americans!!) Pushing the wedding back, isn’t an option, since the deposit has been paid, BTW. We’re going to think, pray and meditate on it for 30 days. Go over our finances and see if we can afford it, along with the wedding stuff….

Of course there are some things that may have to be shuffled around…but that’s all a work in progress. The 30 days will answer many questions, affirmatively. And once those questions have been answered – we can see what our options are…

So bloggers and blog readers alike, if you understand the power of prayer, keep us lifted up. We have a ton of decisions to make (I’m only alluding to some on here, you’ll find out all, once everything goes smoothly). I know we can do it.

And I’m chuckling…

There’s no mountain that God can’t move 🙂