Oh Ms. Blog – how I have missed thee! I’ve noticed since I haven’t been writing as much, I don’t feel as FREE as I normally do.

So off I go, to vent the frustrations of being a bride to be aka fiancee’.

The main thing my boo and I are trying to accomplish is financing our wedding for less than $30,000. I know, I know – an amazing feat, lofty goal, blah blah blah – but I think we can do it. My fiance – not so much faith – he’s already budgeted to spend $35,000. I think he’s seriously over projecting, but he’s one of those guys that would rather over estimate than under estimate.

I personally, think we can do for….drum rooooooooll – a whopping $25,000. So we’re talking a substantial difference in pricing here. The main reason is Location, location, location. We’re having our wedding in Richmond Virginia and if you don’t know, the Cost of Living is MUY cheapo, compared to DC – where we both live. An attorney who sits behind me is planning a wedding up here and she LAUGHED when I told her she could have a decent wedding in Richmond for under $50/plate. She said she would CRY to see those numbers.
My main goal is to have something classy, elegant, yet FUN…all in one, for cheap! But I will not cut corners on things that need to be done correctly. For example, food – black folks like good food – and there will be good food at our wedding. LOL. I know that’s a stereotype, generalization, blah blah blah – but it’s true, at least the folks I know. They’re going to talk about you like a dog, if you’re food isn’t right.
So – we’re in the process of booking our venue. I don’t want to give it away just yet, b/c things aren’t final yet. Plus I don’t want any copycats, LOL. The food at this place is well known, so I know our visitors will be happy. We were about to do an adult only reception, but we found out kids 6 and under were free and youth 6-12 are 1/2 price.
We’re also doing a brunch πŸ™‚ I’ve ALWAYS wanted to have a brunch reception – I love the food, the diversity of the menu and the PRICE πŸ™‚ I hated how everyone would say, “if you want a cheap wedding – have chicken” So its like every time you see chicken, you think hmmm – they’re cheap. When in all actuality, the couple may have just liked poultry!

And it seemed like you just had to cut SOO many corners to achieve an elegant affair, on a Saturday evening and everyone could tell you were trying to save money. I say, to HECK with that – have a lavish Saturday brunch affair – with a great menu that caters to breakfast and lunch appetites!! Recently, a friend got married in the mid morning/early afternoon – and all I kept saying to myself is, “I hope they have a brunch menu!” and they did! It was such a smooth execution and restored confidence in my original idea to do it.
I want a beautiful venue – this is two fold because you can cut decoration costs, by having your event at a place that needs nothing to make it bling πŸ™‚ Yet, you still have to pay for location. So it’s a balancing act. The place we’re booking is on a lake. It’s professionally landscaped, so there’s no need to spend vast amounts of money on decorating budget. It’s elegant, it’s natural, it’s GREAT πŸ™‚

2nd reception…there’s so many things that my baby and I are known for and one of them is HAVING A GOOD TIME. There’s no way we can have the type of reception we want and give the guests what they want unless we have a second reception. We will save cost b/c it will be a cash bar, for those who drink. Our morning affair will have a champagne OR sparkling apple cider toast (SAVINGS $6000!!!) We will have light appetizers, but nothing major. We’ve already paid for you that morning πŸ™‚ LOL

The main things (vendor wise) we need to work out is getting a wedding coordinator, decor for the reception (mostly centerpieces), florist, the photographer (I have a strong lead), and the wedding cake.

Such work to do – but we can breath now. When I first started writing this – we didn’t have our venue, but now it’s official πŸ™‚ The Gardens at Sunday Park – here we come!!! We officially have a date and a venue – YAHOO!! I’m going to relax for about a month!