This collection of moments includes the ups and downs of love up to this point in my life.
but Saturday
Saturday, August 23, 2008 changed everything…
When I tell you that love has completely surprised me, know that I’m telling the truth
Everything that I ever believed about love…
BLACK love
changed the day HE entered my life.
I used to think that you had to work really hard for love
that a man could never do something, just because….
well, maybe he could, but those days were few and far between.
I used to think that women’s ideas and goals
were so far from what a man wanted.
And now I know differently.
Now…I know that if you dream of someone who will appreciate and value you for who you really are,
God will send him to you.
It doesn’t matter how many Ishmael’s come – Issac is on his way.
I’m not acting like it did it all perfect.
God knows that I’ve made mistakes and spent too much time dwelling over ones that he didn’t have for me
but I think God for his GRACE and MERCY.
He allowed me to realize that I’m much too important of a person to settle for less than His best.
He showed me that I needed to focus on me.
Get my life in order.
Clean up my house.
Learn to love every piece of me.
He showed me that I’m not perfect and told me things I needed to work on.
He let me run away, only to realize that it all came BACK to HIM.
So, I thank God for showing me some things that I wasn’t able to see for myself.
And now He tells me to WRITE it.
To show other women
BLACK women
that if we LOVE ourselves and honor CHRIST – first and foremost
He can and he will give you what your heart desires.
So I’ve changed it all.
My opinions on love
and how it works…
There is a man who will treat you like a queen
and be on the SAME PAGE you are.
Even when I thought it was CRAZY that I KNEW he was my husband on our first date.
I fell in love with him that night at the movie theatre.
God intertwined our thoughts and our hearts both beat the same rhythm.
Some people said our romance was fast and we needed to slow it down…some people even laughed when I said, I found him.
I thought our pace would dissipate because of the naysayers and then you SILENCED them…
with a ring
and three simple words, Will you marry me?
I say three, even though I know it’s four because I SCREAMED, YES YES YES YES YES YES YES !
before you could get that last word out.
God has blessed me tremendously.
Never did I understand his truly undying love for me
until he sent me