(above pictured) me and boo – except my baby is lighter and 6 inches taller. But I look JUST like this skinny, great haired chick, LOL.
So the boo and I go to look the “Model” house I was swooning over in the earlier posts – he was NOT feeling it. At all.

First of all, he kept talking about his precious deck and how he wanted to be able to grill and invite people over (he’s such a man’s man). Then he started in the price – how could we put down $350,000 on a house with no deck?!?

I was feeling him (which is why I wanted to look out in areas that were further out). So I said, well, didn’t you only want to look in Alexandria, sweetie?

He responded with “NO! Let’s try Woodbridge, Fairfax, Southern Maryland, etc.” – I was EXCITED – now we can get some bang for our buck and give the traffic our best commuter faces!

It was a great “discussion” because we ironed a lot of things out. Mainly, that this is a huge investment for me and him and we’re committing to it for 10 years. This means, kids will be born there (are we SERIOUSLY having this talk?!? WOW SCARY!!!) We mentioned public school systems and how we may have to send our kids to private schools, depending on how strong we felt the education was in the area. BEYOND deep – but so informative. Now we really have a clear view of what this is. It’s not me finding a cute condo for myself – it’s our first home…for our family. WHOA…forget I just typed all of that, it sounded entirely too grown up for me to write.

So now – plans have changed – we’re looking more toward the end of 2009, single family home (instead of townhouse or townhouse styled condos), deck, yard, room to grow a family….WOW.

It’s all so deep.

Knowing that I’m the nerd, I found these amazing places. In fact, one of the new communities is being built LITERALLY across the street from the Boo’s basement apartment!

All in all, this is overwhelming, yet so interesting, informative, and we’re learning so much about each other.

I couldn’t think of a better person to learn all of the housing in and outs with 🙂