It’s three am and I can’t go to sleep.
I think its’ because my mind is full, my heart is happy, my mouth is eager to speak.
But my sister is out with my other roommate and my boyfriend is sleeping.
My other roommate is out of town and my college roommate is in Virginia Beach with her boyfriend.
My SPBFF is probably sound asleep because…it is 3 am.
So I turn to one of my very best friends. My thoughts.
I realized today that I am happy with my thoughts, even though they scare me at times.
And the only reason they scare me is because they’re tinged with reality.
A reality full of favor, blessings, slight insecurities, overall exuberance, clarity and partly cloudy skies…
My last post, I exclaimed, I AM ME!
and I am 🙂 so happily me…
What a great feeling to have….even with it’s 3 am in the morning.
I think AM means, in the morning – but somethings you have to write out twice…for emphasis.
I’m happy that I am not at odds with myself. I think that true acceptance of each flaw, each quirk is the true essence of happiness….
Realizing that you may not have all of the answers, just a lot of gut feelings…
and blind faith – its enough 🙂
I think that’s all for now….
There’s so much more I could say – but some things, you have to let tickle the corners of your heart and mind only.
I’ll relish that part of me
and let no one see 🙂