So – I finished two of my goals for 2008!

That’s quick – this girl is good 🙂

I completed my August Budget. I guess this isn’t completing the WHOLE goal, because I have to be diligent throughout the year and make sure I CONTINUE it monthly. But I did my monthly duty! I have approx. $322 left with no where to go. No assignment. I could just BLOW it all and stick it in my “BLOW” category. Or I can up my gas and my food, since I know I have to travel a lot for the rest of the month. I also haven’t added in my commission check from Noni (my home based business….EVERYONE should have one – but that’s another blog) because I don’t know how much it will be until August 20th. So..I will probably have approximately $600 with no home. I think I will put 1/2 of it to increase my emergency fund and the other half to future planning (house down payment and other stuff).

Or should I get that GPS that I want and then put the rest in savings (more into emergency fund or future planning)?

AHHHH decisions….

So my budget is going to be a work in progress this month, I guess.

The other goal, I got all of my credit cards balances under 10% of their available limits!! In fact, all of my cards are paid off except one – and it’s right at 6%. YAHOO! The dilemma of course is should I pay it off COMPLETELY?
I think I’m going to lean with NO. Since I’m trying to buy my house next year, I’m trying to prove to the credit lenders that I can be responsible with debt over time. My interest rate is really good on this card. Therefore, I will pay $10-15 over my MMP each month and just slowly pay down the balance. So my score will BOOST sky high. Zero balances on a lot of cards sometimes makes you look bad because it says, I have so much credit available, I could put myself in a situation that I cannot get out of.

Okay – I’ve talked myself into this scenario now…I think I can live with it, LOL.

Random tidbit:

I’m such a nerd…I got on my computer at 2am and checked my three credit scores through my monitoring service….UP 4 more points!! yesss….LOL. Yes – I’m a geek – I’ve already admitted it.

It’s a GREAT day 🙂