I am comfortable.
Being Me.
I am completely at ease with who I am.
I think that is a profound statement
Considering many people are struggling to figure out who they are.
I say, I am a lover.
A companion to a great man, who loves me for who I am
Embraces the things that make me different
Love the curves, the lumps and bumps, my body
Tells me each day that when I open my mouth to speak
He falls deeper in love with me.
I say, I am a friend.
Not the best friend…but I try to do what I know is right.
Sometimes I get it wrong. At times, I know I’ve said hurtful things…
Mostly out of love, but perception, is, in fact, reality.
But I see the best in my friends. I want them to be their best.
I have their best interest in heart. So I learn…
I learn to shut up and to realize sometimes the best thing you can do it listen
and hope they make the best out of their lives.
And if or when they ever need you…make yourself available.
Loyalty, Honestly and Dependability – I am a friend.
I say, I am a sister.
Maybe I try too hard to make sure you don’t fall in the same traps I did…
Can you blame me? I just want to make sure you’re better than I am.
I am the best sister in the world…I’m not bragging, it’s true.
This must be how a mother feels…except without the child birth.
I am most proud of you and who you’ve become.
I am to you, what I wish an older person was to me – and I’m good at it.
Aren’t you glad…
I say, I am larger than life.
Its taken a long time to TRULY embrace myself. My words, my actions, my body, my hair.
Everything that makes me grand, big, loud, large…and I like it.
Fabulously, effortlessly, wonderfully bigger than you can ever imagine.
Healthy, Actively me.
I may not be under 5’3 or weigh what society tells me…
but I am beautiful
I say, I am pretty….beauty is not defined by what Eurocentrics think or tell me.
What shown on videos, magazines or TVs.
Beauty is twisting my hair,
two strand twists,
so when I make up in the morning my Afro is FIERCE!
Sun kissed golden brown skin, bright smile, pink lips,
large eyes, large thighs, medium bust, big hips…
I am sweeeeeet.