Its the DREADED Monday morning. UGH! I’m sitting at work, looking over this case log – which is semi-interesting…or NOT….

Rent’s due tomorrow and I just realized I ran outta checks. I was at church, writing out my offering, when I realized, this is my blasted last check! I have my “check box” at home, so I thought SURELY, I have some there….but I was sorely disappointed when I went to the box and realized there was NOTHING there. So now I’m on my retarded credit union site, trying to order newer checks. I guess it’s off to the bank today to get a cashier’s check for my rent so I’m not late.

In other personal finance news – I went to the open house this Friday. The house was BEAUTIFUL…and they had these special rates – I almost bought the daggone house right then and there. Luckily my roommate was there to stop my impulse house buying, LOL. The neighborhood was SO cute and the house was so nice! And so affordable! I told the guy I would be SERIOUSLY looking in 8 months…and he seemed pleased with that. I also put my father down as my real estate agent to ensure Daddy-O would get his 3%.

I still have to do my budget. It needs a bit of tweaking….wish me luck!